The Spectrum of Sensitivity

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A few of the participants in the most recent round of my course, Abundant Living for the Sensitive Soul, told me how surprised they were at their own sensitivity.

They had never considered themselves to be highly sensitive people, had opted into the course because they wanted to gain the tools to clear their path to abundance, but the course also helped them recognize their own sensitivity and then honor and celebrate it in order to be their best selves in the world.

Additionally, in the process of marketing the course I’ve had many people tell me that they didn’t think it was geared towards them because they weren’t sensitive at all.

This was all very interesting to me and got me thinking more about sensitivity and how people experience it.

We are all human. Humans are built to be sensitive beings. Everyone that I have ever met in my life has worries and fears, dreams and desires, things that get on their nerves and things that bring them joy. These all require sensitivity.

Many people are told they aren’t allowed to be sensitive. Men - especially in our culture - as well as women spend much of their lives shutting down their feelings as a coping mechanism because they weren’t allowed to feel as kids or because something happened that was too much to handle.

Sensitivity is viewed as a weakness, but everything in my life has told me the opposite is true.

Our ability to feel is what connects us, our ability to feel leads to healing. I’m not talking about the fear that fuels angry actions, because that’s just a mask. The real feelings of guilt, sadness and pain are underneath the mask of fear and anger. Yes, those feelings are valid, but if we’re stuck in one feeling it likely means we’re avoiding the others. I know personally there are times when I’m stuck in sadness, feeling like a victim. Thankfully it doesn’t last very long, but it’s always been a mask for other feelings of lack, self-loathing and even anger.

Whatever feeling you are avoiding is going to come out in a really skewed way if you’re not mindful and conscious of your emotions.

In my life and in my work I encourage myself and others to feel. To really feel. Not to numb or avoid, because then you just stay stuck. And abundance cannot occur if you’re stuck.

All of this is to say that humans are sensitive. We have feelings and we dance with them in a million different ways. Yes, there are similarities, but we all have our unique set of sensitivities.

For this reason there is not just two categories of highly sensitive and not sensitive at all. Instead, there is a stunning spectrum. And if we were to discuss various topics with the same group of people, each topic would bring out a different range of sensitivity and the order would likely shift from most sensitive to least within the very same group.

So wherever you are, whatever you’ve got going on in your life, honor your feelings, your intuition, your sensitivity. It’s not always easy, in fact sometimes it’s downright terrifying, but freedom and abundance are just around the corner.

If you need more support navigating the many facets of sensitivity - for you and/or for those you love - look into my Abundant Living for the Sensitive Soul online course, which is open for registration through March 30, or contact me privately for one-on-one coaching.

Big love,