Cycles of Abundance & Tips to Navigate Endings with Grace


All things in life occur in cycles. Everything ebbs and flows, from the tides of the ocean to every breath we take. Yet even though endings are natural, they can also be very challenging. 

Throughout this past winter I taught the first round of Abundant Living for the Sensitive Soul, an online course that gives people practical tools to claim their most abundant life and when it came to an end it was fascinating to witness myself. 

I have taught quite a few online courses - all wonderful in their own right - but this course felt different. I was able to share all my tools, all my life experience and all sides of my authentic self in a deep way. Additionally, I had the privilege of not just sharing the tools with the participants and watching them soar, but reapplying the tools to my own life and witnessing my own desires come to fruition.

Every month as the course went on, I felt even more alive, whole and aligned. I finished writing a complete draft of my first book, I had more energy, financial opportunities and unexpected gifts arrived, I felt more love in my relationships, and overall I just felt embodied and present. It felt so good!!

So when the end came in sight, I started to get nervous. There was a part of me that feared its ending would simultaneously mean the end of all this abundance.

To further complicate matters, during the same week of the end of Abundant Living for the Sensitive Soul, I was also ending my 30-day #AbundantLivingLove practice AND the 21-day #itsSafetoShine video challenge hosted by Jenn Lederer.

Three incredibly expansive and abundant experiences all ending within five days of each other.

As they all came to a close, I began to contract, and in the midst of my endings, I was challenged to really practice what I preach and put a few of the lessons from the course to the test.



On the last day of the course I could feel myself start to numb out.

I was zoning out in front of the TV, mindlessly scrolling through social media and avoiding the content of last Live Coaching Call. Thankfully I caught myself and tuned in deeper. When I did, it became clear that I didn’t want to feel because the feelings were big.

Sadness and a sense of loss loomed. Familiar feelings related to other losses and endings in my past.

I turned to one of the writing activities shared during the course to write out all my feelings and gain clarity around what would support me most. I then cleared my energy (another course tool) and realized if I was feeling this way, it was likely that the course participants were feelings a sense of loss as well.

My experience became fuel to not just honor my feelings, but also all the feelings of my students, in a big and deep way on our last Live Coaching Call.



Next, at the end of my 30-day self-love practice, exhaustion and a desire to shut down settled in.

My self-love practice had been so loving and supportive, but in addition to being in the experience of it, I was also posting about it every day, so there was a part of me ready to turn off. To not be so visible, so vulnerable, so active. And yet, I still had a few more days of my video challenge to go so the question became, how do I support myself?

I took out my calendar and blocked off all of Friday morning to rest.



Making space was a great start, but when Saturday came I was a bit of a wreck.

So many feelings, so much sharing, so much to stay present with and for. And I was doing it - I was showing up and rocking out - but it was a lot to hold.

At this point I started looking for someone to rescue me.

You know that point when you’re so tired you just want your mom, your partner, a friend or even a stranger to scoop you up and hold you? That’s where I was. Yet, thankfully, I knew that having someone else save me was not really what I needed. In fact, I think my exact words to my boyfriend that day were, “I know it’s not your job to fill me up and I know I need to fill myself up, but I really wish you could do it for me.” He smiled and gave me a good hug and then I took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

What I wanted and needed was to feel held and supported so I booked a massage for the next day and a mani-pedi for a few days after that.

When I put down the phone with actual dedicated care put in place I felt a weight lifted.

I felt exactly what I desired - held and supported… by ME no less!



All of this self-love led to more miracles.

I arrived at the spa for my massage and had a moment of panic: The schedule was mixed up and I did not have an appointment. WHAT?! I took deep breaths and stood there. “You don’t understand. I really needed this today.” I said. They were apologetic and offered me a free organic facial. I accepted the gift, but it still didn’t make sense to me. I was meant to get a massage. I could feel it.

Within 5 minutes, the next appointment called to cancel - and was given to me.

So I got my massage that day AND I got a free facial for the following week!

When Monday rolled around I woke up energized, joyful and excited.

I had thought it would take a week or two (or more) to recover from these endings, but by applying a few of the lessons from my own course, my needs were met efficiently and with love.


Abundance, healing, and success all come in waves.

When we honor and support ourselves, amazing things can happen.

Contraction is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be excruciating. Endings can be filled with love and miracles and become a gateway to welcome the next round of deliciousness.

On that note…

I am delighted to announce that

Abundant Living for the Sensitive Soul 

is BACK!

Enrollment is officially open and early bird prices are available from now until March 20th, 2018! Click here for all the details and to reserve your spot.

No matter where you are in your journey, take exquisite care of you and keep going. The world needs your light.

Lots of love,