My Name is Kelsey.

I support highly sensitives, parents and kids as they heal from trauma, own their power and create their most abundant and successful life.



Doctors said I would have learning challenges…I was valedictorian.

My parents divorced...and unlike many of my peers, I had the tools to repair emotionally and mentally.

At 9 years old I watched my friend die right in front of me…yet because of my healing tools this experience was the least traumatic of my entire life.

At 19 I remembered a sexual abuse trauma that occurred when I was 5...and I not only healed during college, but graduated with honors.

I'm a highly sensitive entrepreneur living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world...and continue to accomplish all that I desire with ease.


Because of my experience,

I know firsthand how it feels to experience and recover from trauma.

I am able to support both kids and adults in making positive changes.

I approach healing from a whole-self perspective.

I have an arsenal of simple and effective tools to help you thrive.

And I am living proof that being highly sensitive does not have to stop you from living an abundant life.

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I am the first Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant in the United States to have experienced it since infancy. 

My passions for the Expressive Arts and Education stem from both:

  • My Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • My Masters of Education in Community Arts from Lesley University where I focused specifically on Early Childhood Education. 

My practice is complimented with:

  • Young Living Essential Oils education in Colorado and across New York State,
  • Expressive Arts Therapy coursework from the California Institute of Integral Studies; 
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement training with Carol Ann Erickson;
  • Spiritual Coaching with Robert Holden;
  • Angels and facilitating Angel Card Readings with Kyle Gray;
  • and Strala Yoga Intensive Training with Tara Stiles.

All of the above have enabled me to work and teach across the globe. I co-created the West Africa Project and taught at schools in Liberia and Ghana. I have also worked and presented across the United States, in Sweden and in Germany.