My Name is Kelsey.

I support adults and kids as they heal from trauma, own their power and create their most abundant and successful life.



I was born into a family on the verge of separation. Following my arrival to the planet, my parents immediately began their divorce. Then at 5 and a half months old, I became ill with bacterial spinal meningitis.

Though the doctors warned of learning challenges and loss of hearing, I graduated at the top of my class as a sensitive and thriving young woman. I believe I owe a great portion of this success to the simple Brain Gym tools I used daily.

Beyond my initial arrival to the world, I faced other challenges. Navigating a large combined family, losing a grandparent at age 7 and watching a friend get hit by a car and die at age 9 stand out from the crowd.


Yet thanks to Brain Gym, the Expressive Arts, and my connection to Nature and Spirit, I was able to process these experiences with grace.

Then, as I turned 19, I remembered a sexual abuse trauma that occurred when I was 5. I am proud to say I faced this trauma head on during this time while simultaneously graduating with honors - again, with deep and heartfelt gratitude to my ever-growing healing toolbox.

My journey led me across the world, and to many disciplines and teachers. Today I am a highly sensitive entrepreneur living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world and I feel incredibly blessed to be standing in - and constantly evolving - my most abundant life.


I share my experience because it helps you know I’ve lived it.

I understand how it feels to experience and recover from trauma.

I understand the perspectives of both kids and adults as they navigate their healing and make positive changes.

I know that healing is sustainable when we approach it from a whole-self perspective.

I have gained an arsenal of simple and effective tools - and I want to teach them to you.

I am living proof that being highly sensitive and experiencing trauma does not have to stop you from living a deliciously abundant life.

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First and foremost:

  • I am a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant.

  • As a further honor, I am the first person in the US to hold this License while also having experienced Brain Gym since infancy.

This License provides a framework for healing, growth and transformation through which my other training can be utilized in support of what is best for each situation or individual. 

My background and passion for the Expressive Arts and Education include:

  • A Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

  • A Masters of Education in Community Arts from Lesley University where I focused specifically on Early Childhood Education.

  • And a year of Expressive Arts Therapy training from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

I am also:

  • A Young Living Essential Oils Distributor and have received education in Colorado and across New York State about essential oils and their uses,

  • Certified in Angel Card Mastery, a year-long program taught by Angel Communicator, Kyle Gray.

In addition, my practice is complimented with training in:

  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement with Carol Ann Erickson;

  • Movement Based Learning / Brain Gym For Special Needs with Cecilia Koester;

  • Spiritual Coaching with Robert Holden;

  • ChildLight Yoga & Mindfulness with Jennifer Mueller;

  • Strala Yoga Intensive with Tara Stiles;

  • And so much more (I love learning)!

All of the above have enabled me to work and teach across the globe. 

I created the West Africa Project and taught at schools in Liberia and Ghana. I have also worked and presented across the United States, in Sweden and in Germany.

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