Speaking & Partnerships

When we go together, we go farther. Empower your audience with tools to make learning, creating and healing easy and filled with joy.
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Hire Me To Speak 

At your next event, conference or professional learning opportunity.

I love connecting with educators, healers, entrepreneurs and providing them with the tools they need to not only thrive and operate from a space of abundance in their work, but to also support those they serve. I'm open to all different types of speaking opportunities. If you'd like a more in-depth look at the potential topics click here to download

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My unique background qualifies me to speak on a variety of topics across different disciplines.

A few of the conferences I've spoken at include: 

  • New York State Child Abuse Prevention

  • WELL Summit

  • Brain Gym International

  • The Arts in Society



Not only does my specific toolbox support the development and ease of learning of students of all ages, but it also supports the wellbeing of staff, teachers and parents, helping them reduce stress and experience greater ease both in and out of the classroom. Some of the many schools, daycares and centers where I have taught: 

  • New York Single Parent Resource Center & New York Junior League

  • Great Neck Arts Center

  • More Than Me & Christ Family Academy in West Africa

  • Barrow Street Nursery School

  • Port Washington Children's Center & Port Washington Parent Resource Center

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Begin or supercharge your event with some meditation, mindfulness and/or movement. I love tailoring my expertise to the missions of those I serve.

These events can include: 

  • Retreats

  • Women's Empowerment Events

  • Day or Weekend Workshops



The best way to see if we’re a good fit is to chat on the telephone. Rather than email or call back and forth, go straight to my calendar and choose a time that works for you.


Partner With Me

For corporate wellness programs, professional development or conscious business consulting.

If you are looking for ongoing support or consultation, we can create something specifically for your company's desires. 

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Expand your staff's knowledge and care with my unique toolbox. Infuse mindfulness, essential oils and/or Brain Gym into your business to enhance and accelerate results. Learn simple techniques to use before or during meetings to help everyone stay alert and at their best.

Whether a one-time workshop or a continued supportive relationship, I can create what works best for your needs.



Train your staff in any or all of my healing tools so that they can not only empower themselves, but also their students and clients. I offer: 

  • Introductions to Brain Gym, Mindfulness, Essential Oils, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Highly Sensitive, Brain Organization, etc. - each specific to your audience perspective

  • The Brain Gym 101 Course or Essential Oils 101 Workshop

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non-profits & Conscious Businesses

Whether you are a large organization or single entrepreneur, I would be honored to help you and those you serve, thrive. If you are supporting parents, families, kids or others in need, who are either low income or have experienced trauma or abuse, I know that I can be of service. My toolbox can not only support those you serve, but also those who work tirelessly behind the scenes feel centered and nourished.



Hop over to my calendar and choose a time that works for you.

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