Sometimes Abundance Feels Uncomfortable - And That's Okay

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When we claim a new level of abundance our life shifts - how we manage our time, listen to our body, spend our money and navigate our day-to-day changes. These changes may be exactly what we desire, but when we actually step into them it might feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable, even terrifying.

This is because making changes also means loss. We lose an old part of ourselves, an old habit, or an old routine that felt comforting and safe.

Alongside loss, we also have to be prepared to receive.

We can be given the most amazing gifts in the entire world, but if we feel unworthy, we will not enjoy them.

This is why sustainable abundance usually doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a much longer game of adjustment, of learning and of healing.

I am currently claiming a new level of abundance. It’s bringing about lots of changes, some easier to adjust to than others.

Last week I made a mistake that could potentially cost me $1000. 

This was terrifying partially because it was new. I’m used to potentially losing $25, $50 or even $100, but $1000 - that felt unsafe and unsettling!

I felt like a little girl in a new world of financial abundance who had no idea what she was doing. So full of fear. So full of guilt.

I turned to my healing toolbox. I cared for myself, I reached out to friends, I used my oils, I talked to my angels.

It was helping, but I was having trouble releasing it completely. What was at the core?

And then it hit me: I haven’t forgiven myself.

Everyone else involved had already forgiven me - which kind of blew my mind - but I was beating myself up.

The messages playing in my head were:


How dare I? 

Who did I think I was, pretending to live in a world of abundance where I didn't belong?


Yep, right next to the lack of forgiveness was a belief that I wasn’t worthy.

Thankfully, I have tools for these things - I used one of my favorite practices for forgiveness and I could feel myself let go. Let go of the old message, come back to my body and back to ease, freedom and love.




But sometimes to grow we have to let go.

We have to surrender our old outdated beliefs and rewire. This takes practice and a whole lot of self-forgiveness, because things will go wonky.

Mistakes will be made and we will feel unworthy.  

After forgiving myself I was able to see the potential solutions for my mistake and I know that everything will work out. I’m surrounded by miracles... but I had to get on the other side of my old beliefs to see and experience them.

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