Sometimes the Universe presses the Reset Button for you.

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We had mold in our apartment.

On the walls, on the window sills, and visibly growing on some of my things (yikes!). At one point it seemed everywhere I turned there was more mold.

It was incredibly stressful and anxiety-provoking.

Simultaneously: We are blessed.

Our landlady is like our mom and she and her family were on it!

In addition to addressing the source of the issue we also scheduled a block of three days for our entire apartment to be repainted and new radiators to be installed.

To prepare, we moved all of the items we own into the middle of each room. It was like moving without moving. It was strange and disorienting… and it provided a golden opportunity.


By moving all of our things to the middle of the room we basically took stock of our life. (We were inadvertently Marie Kondo-ed!)

It became clear that we had more things than we needed and it didn’t feel right to put everything back in its original place.

So instead we paused and noticed.

We noticed where we are now and where we desire to be in the coming years. In turn, we are slowly and surely reorganizing the energy of our physical space to match the energy we’re looking to manifest in our personal and professional lives.

The mold was a gift.

Yes, it was stressful and scary and upsetting. Yes, I needed to up my self-care in many ways and give myself time to rest and recuperate afterwards.

It also helped us press the reset button.

We still don’t have everything back up on the walls, which drives a part of me crazy, but it’s okay. Having the time to feel out the space and put things back consciously and intentionally feels extraordinary.

It’s been so good that I’ve been applying this intention to the other areas of my life as well. I’m sitting down to look at my business and schedule - putting all of it in the middle of the room - so that I can see what’s working and reorganize what isn’t.

Sometimes you need a little upheaval to have a fresh start.

As my friend, Joanie, reminded me in the midst of the mold:



So when the shit hits the fan, or the mold overturns your home, or it feels like everything is crashing down: YES, feel your feels; YES, take good care of yourself; YES, allow yourself to heal from what is traumatizing and terrifying; AND, when you’re ready, let yourself receive the gifts being offered.

Has the Universe been attempting to press the Reset Button in your life? Tell me about it in the comments!

Sending so much love,