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Highly Sensitive People

I know the struggles and challenges of being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) intimately because I was born and operate in the world as one.
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Are you Highly Sensitive?

If you are unsure if you are highly sensitive run through the questions below and just notice if your answers are mostly yes or no. Do you:

  • Get overwhelmed easily?
  • Feel what others feel?
  • Feel sensitive to sound, light or smell?
  • Tend to over analyze everything?
  • Care deeply about others and take on their problems as your own?
Answer Yes? If you answered yes, it's likely you are a Highly Sensitive Person and if you just want to shine your light in the world without any of the above holding you back then I am here to help.

Read more about being an HSP and get tools to help in my 5 Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person blog post.


Your body and mind are innately tied - similarly to how imagining worst case scenario FEELS like worst case scenario, visualizing peace actually leads to feeling peace.
That’s why I designed this easy FREE meditation just for beginners to supercharge your intuition and restore your inner power.


“In the beginning of the balance I couldn’t even get through saying my goal aloud without crying. Kelsey made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She’s an excellent leader and a patient, articulate teacher. By the end I felt a renewed sense of wellness, focus, openness, and balance! I’m looking forward to more balances, working with Kelsey again and adding more tools to my toolbox!”

— Ashley Nease

Actress & Writer, NYC

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how can I help?

Private over-the-phone sessions enable you to make your visions your embodied reality.

What would you like to be easier? What do you desire? I'm here to help you live an abundant and full life without fear or worry holding you back.

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