Essential Oils

Essential Oils are potent and alive. They are the plant's immune system in oil form.

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Being outdoors, communing with trees, flowers and animals is healing in and of itself. It reduce stress, clears our minds and connects us to the divine.

Essential Oils are a powerful way to stay in tune with Mother Nature no matter where we are.

I grew up with Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils and am proud to now be a Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor. They are part of my own daily healing toolbox and I share their benefits in private sessions, workshops and overall family health and wellness education.

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The kit comes with 11 everyday essential oils, your choice of diffuser and free samples. You'll also get 24% off all future orders, be able to share with friends and earn a living (completely optional) and gain access to members-only promotions and specials.

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