Creative Renewal

Creative Renewal

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Workshops Details:

SETTING AND SUSTAINING WHOLE SELF GOALS - Often we set goals and leave our body out of the equation, making our goals challenging and unsustainable. In this workshop you will learn simple and effective tools and techniques to not only create new neural pathways, but to also sustain the new learning with your entire body backing you up.

RENEWING MIND, BODY AND SOUL - Before you dive into the next stage of your creative life - whether a new job, relationship or even just recharging your overall energy - it's important to take time to honor where and who you are in this moment. During this workshop we will nurture your body and soothe your mind, creating space for what's to come. This step is vital in order to feel clear, at ease and energized as you move forward.

STEPPING INTO YOUR CREATIVE SELF - Get ready for overall creative energy reboot. In this workshop we will gently awaken your creativity and invite the next phase of your creative self to come out and play. All in the safety of your very own living room! 


Expert Interviews:

I am excited and honored to share the expertise of two incredible friends and colleagues as part of the Creative Renewal workshop series! In between workshops you will hear from gratitude coach and founder of Gratitude to Bliss, Lorraine Miller, and community arts leader and founder of 1000 Voices, Nii Armah Sowah.

LORRAINE MILLER - Having recognized the amazing transformational power a gratitude practice has had in her own life, Lorraine Miller has made it her life’s work to share what she calls the “Gratitude Edge” with the world. Lorraine is a Gratitude Expert, Speaker, Author and Founder of Gratitude to Bliss. Through her award-winning gratitude products and events, she empowers people with simple tools to renew the joy and discover bliss. 

NII ARMAH SOWAH - A Ghanaian born arts educator, Nii Armah Sowah has worked professionally in the performative, expressive and healing arts. He is the founder of 1000 Voices Project, an arts organization that uses African songs, rhythm games, dance, and storytelling to facilitate personal growth, community building and cross-cultural understanding. Nii Armah passionately believes that singing and dancing are a human right, and invites his audiences to engage physically, emotionally, and