Childhood Trauma

Whether you are recovering from a traumatic life event or just looking for insight and support for you and your kids to navigate life with greater ease I provide concrete tools and techniques to help you heal and thrive.
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Your body and mind are innately tied. When you imagine the worst case scenario it FEELS like the worst case scenario. Similarly, when you visualize peace you can begin to actually feel PEACE in every part of your body.

That’s why I designed this easy, approachable and FREE meditation to supercharge your intuition and restore your inner power.


“Our phone conversation was beyond amazing. I was feeling horribly mad, sad, frustrated, emotional and so overwhelmed beforehand. Afterwards, I was very calm and so relaxed. It warmed my heart and eased my feelings in a way that takes my breath away. I loved the breathing exercise and the prayer. I love the way it felt like you were literally in the room holding me.”

Dezarae Birely

Mom of Five, Altus, OK

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Though blessed abundantly in many ways, I also have faced an array of traumatic life experience.

I arrived on rocky ground as my parents divorced within days of my birth. Born into an atmosphere of loss, anger and separation, it was not surprising that before reaching 6 months old I became deathly ill with bacterial spinal meningitis. Thankfully after 4 days in intensive care, the doctors claimed I would live. Ten days later I was released with a forewarning of hearing loss and learning challenges.

I was blessed with a loving combined family and an extraordinary support system of holistic healers. This not only supported my healing - and thriving - after my early childhood illness, but also became vital to my success as I faced other traumas.

At age 9 I witnessed a friend get hit by a car and die. I disconnected from my body and could have suffered greatly both socially and academically, yet Brain Gym and the Expressive Arts allowed me to come back to my body, process and heal. 

Then at age 19 I remembered a sexual trauma that occurred when I was 5. I experienced all the symptoms of PTSD as I attempted to navigate college. I graduated with honors and my own journey of healing led me to train in Expressive Arts Therapy, Spirituality, Brain Gym, Yoga, Movement Based Learning, Touch For Health and more. 

The healing tools I share today have been and continue to be my saving grace and that is why I am passionate about sharing them with you.