What is your body saying? Listening with love & how to heal

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Just a heads up, I’m going to be talking about birth control, IUDs and periods in this blog - and you should keep reading.

For the past 5 years I have had the copper IUD or Paragard. After weighing my options it seemed like the best choice for me as I went fairly crazy when I attempted the pill previously.

For about 6 months everything was fine and then my period got really bad. I also started having internal fungus issues (something I do believe is linked, but have to do more research before I share my findings).

Now, I had experienced bad periods before, but they became consistently terrible. Like curled up on the floor in cold sweats going back and forth between diarrhea and throwing up terrible.

This didn’t start right after my IUD got put in and like I said, I’d experienced periods like this before so I didn’t initially make the correlation.

Instead, I did what I could - for years - to resolve the issue.

I changed my diet, I used essential oils, I did acupuncture, I took vitamins, I took Advil. I did so much and did see positive results, but after 4 years of struggle I came to terms with the realization that it must be the IUD.

So about a month ago, I went to get it removed.

They tugged, painfully, twice. And removed… 3/4s of it.

Yep, I’m one of the rare ones. An arm was still in me. And, they couldn’t reach it.

So they had me come back, only to discover, they still couldn’t reach it or remove it without scraping and hurting me.

(Flash forward 2 very long weeks and a final removal procedure at the hospital, it's gone and I am feeling 100x better. But in the meantime…)

I came home after the second attempt for removal and bawled my eyes out. I felt terrible inside and out.

I was in pain, I felt unbelievably vulnerable and even violated. And it wasn’t over!

The worst part of all: I felt guilty.

My body had been telling me that something was wrong and I did everything I could think of to help - except for the one thing it needed.

I had done this to myself.

Whew. It was rough.

Thankfully, my healing toolbox is pretty awesome and mid-tears and angel cards I knew exactly what I needed.

I needed to write a letter to my lady parts and then... have my lady parts write back.

You may be thinking, WHAT?!

Let me explain.

The following creative activity is one that I have developed over the years and used in my online creativity and self-care courses. It’s one of my favorites because #1 it works and #2 it’s pretty mind-blowing how well it works.

Check out the video how-to in which I combine this tool with essential oils for extra support:

In the video I share a message from my belly, but on the day of my IUD removal process, this is what my lady parts wrote to me:


Dear Kelsey,

We know you were doing your best and we love you completely. Thank you for listening. No matter how long it took you did listen and we are grateful.

Take good care, eat well. You don’t have to be perfect but we do hope you listen as often as you’re able. We’ll celebrate as much or more as express concern.

We love you.

Love, Your lady parts.


Our bodies are brilliant. They are forgiving. They are strong, brave, loving, kind. (Click to Tweet.)

Our bodies know all our most vulnerable moments and carry every emotion, thought and environment we’ve exposed them to.

And if you ask, your body will tell you how it feels. (Click to Tweet.)

After completing this activity, I felt a huge weight disappear. 

Forgiving myself ended up being a key component of my overall healing process and this activity allowed me to start. 

What is your body saying to you? If there is a part of your body that has been retaliating or on the mend, I invite to you do this activity and see what arises.

Test this out and let me know how it goes in the comments below. Or send me an email if you prefer. I love to hear from you so don’t be shy.

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Big love,