Time to Decide: Step Out Of Indecision & Back Into Your Life


This past week life turned into errands, to-do lists and events. It was all really lovely, but my actual priorities went to the sidelines.

On top of all the day-to-day necessities, I was also dancing with a decision. I was offered the opportunity to teach a course here in Colorado. This is a 24 hour course that I was just going to throw in during the next month while I'm here. I thought it might be possible, but when 1 of the 3 potential students stepped back, all of my mental space went to the weighing of the decision - to teach or not to teach. 

I finally realized that just thinking about the course - let alone teaching it - was taking up way too much of my daily bandwidth. 

The combination of the errands and dancing with the decision of the course meant that my big priority and current dream - writing a book - was put on hold. 

After doing what I'm going to share with you today, I easily made my decision: to not teach the course. I reorganized my priorities and my energy shifted immediately! 

It's time to decide

If you've got a decision hanging in the air that's taking up too much of your precious bandwidth, here's a technique I learned from Christine Hassler to help you decide if it really is a priority right now.

You will need paper and a writing utensil. 

  • Write down one option or choice on one piece of paper and the other option or choice on a different piece of paper.
  • Lay the 2 (or more) pieces of paper on the floor on either side of you.
  • Take a deep breath and notice how you feel in your body.
  • Then step onto one of the pieces of paper - imagine you are stepping in to that choice or decision. Notice how your body feels.
  • Step out, take a deep breath in neutral and then step onto the other piece of paper and repeat. 

Which choice felt the best in your body? Which felt exciting, expansive, perhaps a little scary, but a good type of scary? Which felt calm and easy? Which made your stomach curl or your throat tight? All of this information will help you choose which is best for you right now. 

My Experince

When I stepped into the possibility of teaching the course, my throat and heart tightened. My mind was saying, "This could be wonderful! I love these people and I could use the extra funds." My body knew better. Even though it would be wonderful, the timing was too tight and it didn't actually feel wonderful, which is more important than what I think it could be.

Alternatively, I stepped into the possibility of not teaching the course and my entire body relaxed. 

Sometimes it's challenging to listen to our bodies if our minds have a strong enough argument, so if you're still unsure, I recommend asking your angels to send you a sign.

After I tapped into my body I pulled an angel card and its message was just what I needed to finalize the decision my body already knew. 

I would love to hear from you

What are you currently wrestling with? What is your true priority? What's standing in your way? Let me know in the comments below.

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