Thankful Body: A Gratitude Activity For Kids (And You, Too!)


This time of year if you ask young kids what holiday is coming up next you often hear: "Christmas!!"

Thanksgiving tends to be forgotten entirely by 3 and 4 year olds because it's merely the gateway to the Christmas Season. 

Yet being thankful is a powerful tool for self-care, personal growth and abundance, and there is no better time to help your kids start this practice than right now.

All this said, it can be challenging to tell a child in words the importance of being thankful.

Today's activity helps them notice what being thankful does to their body - how being thankful can change how you feel. From there, the meaning and importance of being thankful make more sense and carry greater significance. 


You can have the whole family do this together and talk about what you notice or you can do it one-on-one in a quiet moment.

  1. Close your eyes and notice how you feel in your body. 
  2. Now give your body a color to represent how you feel on the inside. Do you feel blue, red, orange or green? Maybe even a mix of two or three? 
  3. Good. Now think of something you are thankful for, something you really like or enjoy and you're happy to have in your life. Share these things out loud. And yes, anything is welcome - ice cream is a popular response in my young groups!
  4. Close your eyes again, think about what you're thankful for and see if the color of your body has changed. What color do you feel on the inside you now?
  5. Have fun with this and let me know how it goes! If you played along in this moment, what color were you before and after? Let me know in the comments.

Love, blessings and boat loads of gratitude,


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