Stand Tall this Spring: How Integration Can Build a Foundation for Success


Yesterday was the first day of spring, a total solar eclipse and a new moon in pisces. And if you live in NYC, it was also a snow day!

That's a lot going on in one day.

All of the above basically means that this is a wonderful time of year to create new intentions, begin new practices and allow yourself in some sense to let go of the past and start fresh.

With this in mind, yesterday I attended a yoga class at Anthea Yoga and Healing Arts with an intention to gain clarity on what I want to create in my life this season. 

During the class when it was time to move into Tree Pose, our teacher, Nikki Scheidt, said something that really struck a cord with me: 

"To grow taller you need more roots." (Click to tweet.)

Currently in my life I want to expand financially, personally and professionally. In order to successfully achieve that expansion, I need to stand solidly in who I am and anchor myself with daily love. The more I nourish, heal and ground myself, the taller I will grow. 

The 'new' I intend to create this season is a deep and solid foundation from which to flourish. 

If you have yet to set a new intention for spring, I invite you to pull out a piece of paper, light a candle or say a prayer to make your intentions known to both yourself and to the universe. 

Once you've done that, now it's time to prepare your body and brain for integration. 

Today's activity provides a lovely foundation physically and mentally for all the newness in your life to actually stick. With it you will feel more easily able to step into your new self, project, creation or relationship with confidence. 

Think Of An X

Think of An X is a Brain Gym technique that I used to overlook as it didn't seem substantial enough, but is now part of my daily practice to stand confidently in my own skin and stay aligned with my inner knowing. 

Here's how I practice it:

  1. Close your eyes and begin to imagine / draw an X inside your core from one shoulder to the opposite hip and from the other shoulder to its opposite hip. 
  2. Your X can be any color or texture. Mine changes daily. It has been everything from lace to branches to swords. The two lines do not have to match, either. Create and see what feels appropriate in your body.
  3. Breathe deeply as you align with your X, finding your center.
  4. Hold this image for however long feels good to you.
  5. Open your eyes and continue with your day.

Your Turn

What did your X look like? How did you feel before and after? What are you creating this season? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Much love,