Shine In ALL Your Glory

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Months ago I completed a 21-day video challenge via Facebook Live with host, friend and colleague, Jenn Lederer. The theme was #ItsSafeToShine and it encouraged us to practice showing up, being ourselves and letting our light shine in live videos every single day. (Click here to join me in another round of this amazing free challenge starting October 1st, 2018.)

It was amazing and I loved it - and it also greatly stretched and challenged me. 

When we truly shine, we share our light from the inside out. Which means it’s not a performance, it’s us. All of us - real life, vulnerable, scared, amazing, powerful, beautiful us. 

Showing up live on video every day for 21 days meant there were no days off. There were no days that I could hide.

And let me tell you, I’m really good at hiding! 

Aren’t we all, though? 

There are so many ways we hide, conceal our true selves and feelings. We say we’re fine when we’re not. We post photos when we’re doing well and feeling beautiful. OR we mute our light and shine a bit less because we don’t want to come off like we’re boastful or insensitive. 

These things aren’t bad - not by a long shot - but it’s also good to notice how we hide so that we can practice being seen. First with ourselves, then with others and finally, maybe, with the world. 

Because it’s in our vulnerability where our true strength lies. (Click to Tweet.)

It’s in the places that we feel stretched and challenged where our healing exists.

Because if we want to heal and live abundantly, then we have to dive into the fear, the struggle, the challenge. We need it to reveal to us what we care about most so that we can go light up with world and be of great service. 

And the things that scare us most typically point to where we need to be in order to heal and to be of great service in the world. 

During my challenge there were days when I felt nervous, afraid, sluggish and overall meh. Not things I wanted to be seen in, but I used my tools before and during the videos and followed through. 

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I followed through because the most terrifying and rewarding thing to me is to own my voice, heal and help others heal, show up in all my glory - to stand in and own my power, beauty and vulnerability. To be feminine and sensitive, motherly and fierce, a teacher and a student. To trust that I am worthy, that I am enough, that I will be guided. To heal, transform and shine and then help others do the same.

So the question is, what is the most terrifying and rewarding thing to you? 

And of course the next question, where and how do you hide?

Wherever you are in your journey, I honor you.

I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a witness to my journey. 

It takes practice, and in my experience, it takes tools and support to help continuously process, transform and shine. 

I’m no different than you. I just happen to have a pretty massive toolbox. One that I would love to share with you. 

Today I want to share a tool that helped me write this blog post - because I was totally worrying about how to share all this big juicy stuff!!


Reflection In-Depth Movement:

This tool from Brain Gym is a very simple breathing exercise that supports our ability to relax, listen to our inner voice and know that our best is good enough. 

1. Lie flat on your stomach, arms by your sides and head turned so your left ear meets the ground. (If the arms or head are uncomfortable, adapt to the comfort of your own body.)

2. Focus on your breath. Notice how it expands against the floor on the in breath and relaxes on the out breath. 

3. Continue breathing steadily like this for a few minutes or until you feel complete.

Side Note: I personally used Palo Santo essential oil before this activity. Oils are always optional, but if you feel called to use one that supports your ability to return to ease, then go for it!

Above all, be gentle with yourself. If we are not loving and kind to ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to be? 

You were made to shine.

And if you need support, it's here.

Jenn is launching another round of the #ItsSafeToShine #21dayvideochallenge and I am so excited to join in again - my 3rd time participating!

I would love to have you by my side as we practice shining in all our glory. (It starts on October 1st, 2018.)


I’ll see you there.

Big love,