Return to Play: Release tension, improve comprehension and serve the world through joy

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A huge part of my job is to play - to stay open, discover creative solutions, return to ease, connect to joy and love - and help my clients do the same.

I believe that when we play, we become one with the divine. (Click to Tweet.)

Everything flows easily and love is abundant.

Children are usually more tapped into this state than adults.

They constantly invite us to remember magic and rediscover the ease, abundance, joy and possibility that already exists within us.

I believe it is our duty to encourage play both in children and in ourselves, but I also know from experience that when your body is tight and the to-do list is long, it’s easy to fall out of a state of play.

We say we can’t, not now, we don't have time or energy, but allowing ourselves to play is nourishment for us and our kids.

Allowing ourselves to see magic, be present and connect to our joy doesn’t just serve us, it serves the world.

Today’s activity helps us shed the weight of the world on our shoulders and replace it with more playful positive energy.

Turn to it anytime you or your kids need to release tension and improve comprehension so you can serve the world through joy.

I hope you enjoyed this treat! Tell me about your experience and/or your favorite way to play in the comments below.

And if you are a mom - or know a mom - who is looking for more ways to connect to her creative and playful self, check out my More Than Mom online course.

Big love,


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