Reduce stress, stay grounded & communicate clearly: A healing tool for the whole family


It’s that time again! Sweaters and winter coats are coming out of the closet; coziness is in full force and the holidays are right around the corner.

Even though fall and winter innately make our bodies desire downtime and rest, the holiday season typically brings a whirlwind of energy and emotions.

I find that I have to consciously remind myself to slow down, breathe and stay present.

And if you have little ones, they can get a little (or a lot) stir crazy as the days get shorter and the holiday buzz, excitement and energy hums around them.

No matter your age, feeling overwhelmed or chaotic hinders your ability to communicate clearly - just in time for you to interact with all of your family for extended periods of time!

Today's technique is one of my absolute favorites and is especially supportive for all of the above. 

This simple tool helps to keep everyone grounded and relaxed, reduces stress and supports our ability to feel calm and communicate clearly. (Plus it feels so good you’ll want to use it everyday!)

Use it as often as you like with or without essential oils.

Stay grounded and many blessings. 

Big love,