Reduce stress, stay grounded & communicate clearly: A healing tool for the whole family

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Holiday season tends to be a whirlwind of energy and emotions. I know that I have to continuously remind myself to slow down, breathe and actually enjoy it all rather than run around like a crazy person until I crash.

Kids, too, can get a little (or a lot) stir crazy as the days get shorter and the holiday buzz hums around them.

This holiday season in particular may be especially challenging to navigate post election as we're all worn out and beat up.

With so much to process it can sometimes feel easier to detach mentally, emotionally and physically. Forget our bodies, ignore them and numb them

Be gentle with yourself. 

This is your loving reminder that the only way back to love, a sense of safety and peace, is through the feelings of grief and anger.

We have to go through. And there is so much love and light on the other side. I promise. I've been there. 

Today's technique is one of my absolute favorites and is especially supportive this time of year. 

It helps to keep everyone grounded and relaxed, reduces stress and supports our ability to feel calm and communicate clearly.

Use it as often as you like with or without essential oils - but the oils sure are yummy and can add another level of peace, grounding, healing and support.

Remember, if you have questions, I'm here to be a resource so email me at if you're curious about my services and/or essential oils. 

Otherwise, stay grounded and many blessings. 

Big love,