Protect your energy & speak with love when talking politics

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Hi. I see you. I hear you. I understand where you’re coming from and I respect who you are.

Wouldn’t it be great if all conversations went like this - let alone those about politics?

I’ve never really been politically active or involved, other than voting and going to certain marches and rallies, but these days I’ve felt called to be more vocal and stand up in the ways that I’m able for what I believe in - all the while with a great deal of love.

Yes, I’m going to speak up and speak my truth, yes, I may be fierce as I do, but my intention is to also be guided by love. To seek understanding, connection and healing for us all.

Over the past month as I’ve been more vocal, so, too, have those who disagree with me.

In each situation I did my best to respond clearly, powerfully and, as I mentioned, with as much love as possible.

My jaw literally dropped to the floor when these interactions ended with sentiments like: Kelsey, you should run for office and What a well articulated response.

What I thought was going to be met with resistance turned into MORE LOVE. Did I change their mind on policy, likely not, but did we interact like adults and actually discover more compassion for one another, YES, yes we did.

Now, not every interaction is going to go like this, but in today’s Ask Kelsey I share a few tips around how I protect my energy and speak with love when chatting with people I disagree with about politics.



The beautiful and, in my mind, essential pause. Ask yourself: Is now a good time for this conversation? Am I in the right headspace? Can I speak with love? If the answer is no, face your own feels, reset your energy and re-approach the conversation at another time.


If you’re going to really talk politics, having statistics to point to can be grounding. Some people may argue your research, but I find it calming and centering to have it nonetheless.


As much as facts and numbers can be helpful, usually people change, or at least reach more of an understanding, because you speak to their heart. Attempt to remind the person that you are a human - and likely a human they know well. Share real-life heart-centered stories about what impacts your political decisions.


You may not change someone’s mind, but you might create more compassion in the world if you seek to share and understand the pain that is behind the passion. This can also help you see that their pain is not a personal attack on you.


If your own pain is coming up, you might need extra healing and may want to work with a coach or therapist.

For extra support, use the simple Brain Gym technique in this how-to video. It’s called Hook-Ups and it is my go-to for when I’m feeling triggered (essential oils are optional, but also helpful). I use it before, during or after challenging conversations - and you can, too!


REMINDER: Vote in the midterms on November 6th to make your voice heard. If you’re looking for more ways to get involved with love, then join me in taking action for #BlackFridays (click for more info).

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Now go vote and speak with love,