Paint Dancing

As the days become short and cold, this indoor activity will get the whole family moving, exploring and laughing.

In addition to supporting a healthy foundation for comprehension, memory and new learning, Paint Dancing is also wonderful for the child who loves to paint and the parent who doesn't feel like cleaning up!

Paint Dancing How-To:

Before you begin, remove items from the floor so there is nothing that could cause either of you to trip.

  1. Tell your child that you are going to play a game together. Using pretend paint brushes, the two of you are going to paint the entire room. This can be completely imaginary or you can use music and scarves to support the exploration.
  2. Show them by example how to help you paint the room. Invite them to share the colors and designs they create as they pretend-paint the furniture, the walls and the ceilings. Use all different types of brush strokes - big, small, lines, circles and more. Add to the excitement as you tell your child there is also paint on their feet! Stomp, swirl and tap your toes to add decorations to the floor. You can even lie on your backs and paint the ceiling with both hands and feet!
  3. As you paint, encourage them to use both hands in mirrored unison. This helps both sides of their brain come online and work together, laying the foundation for successful reading, writing and comprehension. 
  4. Above all, allow yourselves to explore and play in this world you create together.
  5. Once you have painted the room, all that is left is to paint each other! Playfully paint one another and share all the colors and designs you are creating with your imagination.

Take this exercise to the level that you and your toddler or preschooler feel most comfortable and above all, have fun!

Happy Dancing!

Much love,


A version of this post was also published by the Child Development Club Blog.