Own your power, remain present and feel at ease: The Value of Meditation & a FREE Gift

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Every single morning I meditate, move my body and write. These three practices prepare me for the day, for health and for success.

Without them the world starts to pass me by.

With them, I own my power, I remain present and I feel at ease. 

A huge part of my vision is to share tools with people like you all over the world.

Simple and effective tools. Fun tools. Tools that make you feel nourished, loved, supported and capable. 

Meditation is one of my tools and I made a FREE Meditation that nourishes you from the inside out, reconnecting you to your intuition and to your source of energy, creativity and power. All in just 8 minutes!

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The Value of Meditation

Meditation is becoming more and more mainstream as studies confirm what many have known for years: It reduces stress and improves health! Even WebMD is championing meditation for healing both body and mind by lowering stress and boosting immunity. Incredible!

So how and why does it work?

Your brain and body work in tandem. If your body feels pain, it alerts the brain. If the brain senses a threat, mentally or emotionally, it alerts the body. They are delightful partners in keeping you safe, but sometimes they work so hard on your behalf, they actually go a little too far.

The catch with the brain is that even if the threat isn't physical or present, meaning, when you're just thinking about any worst case-scenario situation, it sends the same signals to the body as if you are actually in that worst case-scenario situation. 

The amygdala is the part of the brain that decides if the threat is big enough to elicit concern and if the stress becomes too much, the amygdala then turns off your short-term memory and reroutes as much energy as it can to focus on keeping you safe. 

Deciding what to eat for dinner likely won't make the amygdala intervene, but if you're thinking about a challenging conversation or argument, giving a presentation, trying something new, or another stress-inducing situation, then the amygdala wants to help.

It does this by alerting the hypothalamus to release the necessary hormones so you can fight or run from the stressor. Adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol are released in your body, increasing your heart rate, making you hyper-alert, sending blood to your muscles and maintaining body fluid and blood pressure. 

All super helpful if you're dealing with a physical, in person threat, but not so helpful if you're at home attempting to complete various tasks or even go to sleep, as we all tend to ruminate on our worries and challenges right before bed.

If you're not actually fighting or running, which most of us aren't, then the body suffers.

It takes time for the body to recover from these hormones and if you're continually stressed, the excess cortisol leads to a suppressed immune system, increased blood pressure, decreased libido, and contributes to acne, obesity and more. Yikes!

Here's the good news: The opposite is also true.

If your body feels stretched, relaxed and blissful, it sends these sensations to the brain. Yoga, Brain Gym, Movement Based Learning, The Expressive Arts, Essential Oils, etc. all provide a direct route to this ease of stress and reconnection of the brain.

And if the brain focuses on peace, light and love, then the body relaxes in turn. 

Enter meditation. 

If your brain doesn't delineate the difference between thinking about something versus physically experiencing it, then when you focus on the breath and nourishing imagery or experiences, your brain begins to relax, the amygdala stops rerouting energy away from daily tasks and happy hormones replace the stress hormones.

As a result, both brain and body begin to heal and return to a more calm and capable state. 

Pretty neat.

Our brain also operates on identifying patterns. When you interrupt stressful or challenging thoughts on a regular basis with nourishing and rejuvenating ones, then the stressful thoughts will begin to fall away.

Your ability to take on greater stress without being debilitated by stress hormones will increase. Your amygdala will be able to tolerate more because you've shown it again and again that even if something is challenging you are safe, you can relax and all is well.

I've experienced this in my own life and I want this for you, too! Grab your FREE Meditation now.

I invite you to practice this meditation (or another of your choice) daily for one week and notice how you feel.

I would love to hear about your experience! How often do you meditate and how has is affected your daily life? Share in the comments below.

So much love,