New Year Overwhelm? Do This Before You Do Anything Else


With every new year there seems to be a growing barrage of deals, discounts, events and challenges.

My email inbox is overflowing and I am overwhelmed at the amount of things to do, to attain or to get. And yes, I want to tackle, achieve and receive just as much as the next person.

But the buzz throws me into a tizzy. I want to shout at the internet: LEAVE ME ALONE!

All I want is to press pause.

Just pause.

Just breathe.

Just notice.

Does this really align with my true desires? Is this making me feel the way I want to feel? Or am I merely doing it out of habit?

These days there are so many options, so many new things that will help you achieve more, do more, get more, be more.

But here's what I've noticed:

Sometimes revolutionary change occurs not when we do something new, but when we bring awareness to what we’re already doing. (Click to Tweet.)

Before you click purchase, pause. Before you pick up your kids, pause. Before you watch TV or go on social media, pause. Before you run a million errands, pause. Before you respond to your spouse or partner, pause. 

Pause before you act. Pause before you react. (Click to Tweet.)

The pause leads to action.

The pause leads to knowing.

The pause leads to ease.

Without the pause, we rush, run, forget, yell. Self-care goes to the wayside. Health, forget about it.

A few things that might help you pause (and remember, when you know how to pause, your kids will, too):

  • Create a self care routine that's manageable and repeatable. Do it every single day. Get the kids involved. It could be as simple as sharing something you're grateful for.
  • Breathe. And all things that help you breathe: Meditate. Sweat. Laugh.
  • Give yourself time. Leave the house earlier. Make space between appointments. The more you rush, the more opportunity for mishap.
  • Be in nature. Take a walk. Slow down on your walk. Smell a flower, touch a tree, listen to the birds.
  • Put the phone/ipad/computer down. Look at the person in front of you. Smile.

A Brain Gym Pose to Help:

Sometimes the tizzy just gets to you. You feel unsettled, restless. Your kids are bouncing off the walls!

You want to pause, but it seems impossible.

That's when I turn to this Brain Gym pose. Hook-ups calms both body and brain by bringing all the energy to the core. When done standing it also gently activates the vestibular or balance system of the body enabling you to remain present and positive.

If your kids are able to do this pose with you, great! I used this technique today with a group of 4 and 5 year olds and it worked like magic. 

If your kids are too young or just not responding, start by doing it yourself and then re-approach the situation.

First Part of Hook-Ups (Done Seated or Standing - See Image Above)

  • Cross ankles.
  • Stretch your arms directly in front of you. Point both thumbs up. Then point both thumbs down. Keeping the thumbs down, cross one arm over the other and clasp the hands upside down. Once clasped, curl your hands to your chest as if you were zipping up a coat. *All of this is the same as Eagle Pose in Yoga and if it seems too complicated or is uncomfortable in any way, just cross the arms over the chest and relax!
  • Rest here for as long as needed. With kids I have them count super quiet and super slow to 20, seated with their eyes closed. 
  • Take a deep breath or yawn.

Second Part of Hook-Ups

  • Release both legs and arms, and bring fingertips together. Rest here for at least 7 seconds. 

My invitation:

This New Year I invite you to pause.

Then, after the pause, dive in with passion and faith.

Many Blessings.

Much love,