Need Rest? A Technique To Help Stay Healthy This Winter


This time of year it seems everywhere we turn people are getting sick. I definitely did not avoid sickness this winter as a few weeks ago I found myself in the doctor’s office with an ear infection in not one but both of my ears! 

As someone who eats well, attempts to keep my stress levels low and uses essential oils, it was a pretty big wake up call.

Looking back, I realized I had been fighting a sinus infection since November, 2014! For about two months straight I had been waking up with lovely bright green mucus. I had attempted natural remedies to no avail. 

My body didn’t care what I did to help it get better, because I wasn’t doing the most important thing: making me a priority. 

I know first hand that it’s challenging to put ourselves first - that often we have to go until we literally cannot (or even further) before we finally begin to refill. 

When we make ourselves a priority, we thrive! If we don't, we get sick. (Click to tweet!)

Today’s activity is an amazing way to revitalize your system in 5-15 minutes. IT’S WORTH IT! 

Above all, you are worth it. 

Open Heart Savasana 

This resting yoga pose is one of my favorites. It’s amazing for all you moms out there and for anyone slumped over a computer, too! It gives your spine space to rejuvenate and is especially healing for low back and shoulders - two common hotspots for carrying stress. 

For this activity you will need 2-3 pillows and space to lay down on the floor.

  1. Place 1-2 pillows under your knees and 1 pillow under your head (head pillow is optional).
  2. Let your knees rest open with your hips relaxed. Open your arms wide in a U position around your head, palms facing up.
  3. Stay here for 5-15 minutes. 

I would absolutely love to hear how this pose felt in your body and other ways you support yourself and avoid getting sick. Share in the comments below. 

If you are a mama, check out my More Than Mom online course for even more ways to refill your own cup so you can continue to give all that you do! 

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So much love,