Navel Radiation: A Healing Tool For Trauma

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. My heart goes out to those who have lost their babies, no matter at what stage or age. I honor you and send so much love to you. 

In addition to working with women and children who have experienced birth or early childhood trauma, I have also had the opportunity to serve women recovering from miscarriage. 

Today's technique is a powerful tool to help in that recovery process

It is exquisite for helping all of us feel safe in and connected to our own body. 

I have used it for children who arrived through C-Section; who are learning about safe physical and emotional boundaries; who experienced early childhood trauma; and who are recreating a solid foundation from which all other learning can take place.

I have also used this technique for all ages recovering from physical injury or surgery and undergoing anesthesia, as their physical boundaries have been breached or they feel out-of-sorts and disconnected from their own body. 

It has even served me in my recovery from my IUD removal surgery so that I could feel safe and at ease in my own body again. 

I've seen this technique transform children and adults, but this experience still takes my breath away:

A client of mine had a healthy child and then, when attempting a second, had a miscarriage a few months into her pregnancy. It was devastating emotionally and also physically. 

Almost a year later, after giving herself time to heal, she was pregnant again, but she was concerned. 

She wasn't having what she considered 'healthy' pregnancy symptoms. With her first she had morning sickness and nausea during the initial months. With her second that miscarried, she didn't have those sensations and was worried that this was going to be a repeat scenario and she would miscarry again. 

At this point she scheduled a session with me. 

Her energy was what I'd call, tight. She was holding it in, holding the worry, holding the fear - attempting to get some hope in there, but finding it challenging. And no wonder! 

She didn't feel like her body was a safe and healthy space for a child to grow anymore and she felt disconnected from the child and herself, afraid of the worst possible outcome. 

During our session we talked about this sense of safety, of reaffirming that she is safe and that her child is safe within her. The activity in the video below, Navel Radiation, was part of the healing offered in that session. 

When the session ended, I remember her hugging me and her whole body felt relaxed, as if she could breathe again.

Here's the exquisite part: 

The next day, she woke up with morning sickness and nausea. She was back in her body having healthy and normal pregnancy symptoms. She came to full term and now has two healthy children. 

Navel Radiation certainly wasn't the only factor in this success story, and certainly isn't the sole answer to healing from miscarriage, but it supported this mom at a turning point: 

Stay in fear and remain disconnected. 


Return to safety, come back to her body and connect with her child.  

Makes me want to cry! We all need this. And this technique can help. 

Return to safety, come back to your body and connect with those you love.

Whew, let's do this.

This technique is great for healing at any time, but can also be a lovely and soothing right before bedtime. 

If you have questions about this technique, my services and/or essential oils, contact me at 

Big love,