Learning To Melt: Complete Your To-Do List With Ease

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As the seasons change so do schedules. It can seem abrupt at times. Going from a relaxed summer schedule to diving into school and work, already revving up for Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. All of a sudden everything needs to be done and needs to be done fast, yet the days are getting shorter, the nights longer, the temperatures cooler. 

I was at a Restorative Yoga class over the weekend - which I highly recommend - and the idea of melting came to mind. Melting into each pose, relaxing with each transition, letting go in each change, vs. forcing, striving, pushing. 

We often think that if we push harder, the outcome will come faster. 

The truth, however, is the opposite.

When we let go, relax, breathe, tune in, melt. Then everything falls into place. (Click to Tweet)

It's a little unnerving, actually, how very true this is. 

Now sometimes we do have to go fast, complete tasks quickly and move forward. We have to show up and work hard, yes. But even in those moments, if we breathe and relax, trust in our ability and yes, let go of controlling every last detail, then not only does everything get done - it gets done and it feels good.

Our ability to relax and melt depends on a few things: 1. Are you breathing? 2. Are you relaxed? 3. Are you having fun?

Today's how-to is a Brain Gym movement that encourages all three! 

Double Doodle

The Double Doodle increases blood flow, opens the chest, releases tension in the shoulders, and awakens both sides of the brain. It's also ridiculously fun. 

This technique can be done on paper, in the air, with scarves and more. Once you have the basic idea you can play with writing your name, drawing faces, and making more intricate designs. You can also put on some music and let the Double Doodle be the start of a dance party!

  1. First close your eyes and think about your to-do list. How easily do you think you could relax and melt as you complete each task?
  2. Sit or stand - whatever feels most comfortable for you and place both hands in front of you.
  3. Symmetrically doodle, as if conducting an orchestra, with the two hands mirroring one another. Again, you can do this on paper with markers or pens, on any smooth surface or in the air.
  4. Move in the way that feels most comfortable to you. Breathe deeply and relax. Your arms can make big circles and squiggles or sharp zig-zags movements. If you ever get off-track or stop mirroring, go with your own free-form movement for a few moments and then return to the mirroring. Go for at least a minute or until you feel complete. 
  5. Once you stop, close your eyes and again take note of your ability to melt as you complete your to-do list.

How did you feel before and after? How did you choose to do the Double Doodle - sitting or standing, with or without paper, with or without music? What are you currently melting into? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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