Is it time to jump ship or change course? How to honor and boost your energy


I’ve noticed that when something isn’t working in my life I am immediately ready to pull the plug and move on.

In one way, this is great because I’m aware of what serves me and what doesn’t and I’m constantly working to improve the quality of my life and raise my overall energy and positivity level.

Yet more often than not, throwing away the whole kit and kaboodle isn’t really of service.

In fact, the slightest shift in perspective can create massive positive change. (Click to Tweet.)

I live in NYC and I am a highly sensitive person so I am always looking for ways to support my health and well being so I can share even more of my gifts with the world.

One week I focused on noticing my energy throughout the day - what gave me energy and what drained my energy - and realized that my energy was drained on my way to and from work.

Initially this made me question my work. Was this job serving me?

Well, the more I thought about the job, the more I was reminded how much I loved it.

So if I was keeping the job, something else had to shift. But how? I thought maybe more music, meditations and essential oils on the subway train would help. It did, but only sort of.

I dug deeper: What about the commute drained me? I noticed that I didn’t like breathing on the train platform underground and having to navigate not one, but two trains with the bridge being Times Square - one of the busiest hubs in the city.

This made me wonder if taking one train instead of two would be less of an energetic drain.

I did some research and sure enough I could walk a little further from my house and take a different train that ran direct to my destination.

This translated to more time outside and no changing trains - double win!

Plus, this train was off the beaten path which meant a higher chance of getting a seat - and keeping it - for a slightly longer ride.

And the final gift: because of the longer, more relaxed ride, I started writing on the train.

This, for me, has been the greatest gift.

Now, I look forward to my commute.

Where in your life are you feeling drained? Just notice as you go throughout your day. Once you have the information, the question becomes:

Do you need to jump ship or can you slightly change course and receive a wave of abundance, joy and ease? (Click to Tweet.)

You might be surprised with the answer.

And I know for myself, it's hard to think about any of the above when you're just tired and overwhelmed. That's when today's healing tools can help. 

They'll give you a boost in energy, support circulation and soothe tired feet, legs and back. They are my go-tos for long days to keep ideas and energy flowing and to just take a load off.

And remember you can use the pose or the oils together or on their own. Whatever serves you most!

Remember to breathe. Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place. 

Big love,


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