Help Keep Sickness Away in Just 5 Minutes!


Our ability to stay healthy is directly related to our stress level.

The more stress we carry and the more we put ourselves in a state of burnout be it mentally or emotionally, the more susceptible our body is to sickness. Today's activity will not only help reduce stress, but will also put you back into a nourishing state of self love. All this in 5 minutes!

This activity is like a meditation, but goes one step further in that it allows you to make simple choices towards self love. Often our burnout comes from making choices that are not in alignment with our best interest. Be it constantly putting others first or choosing with someone else in mind instead of our authentic self. For the next five minutes I invite you to choose for you and you alone. The most basic decisions made for ourselves by ourselves help us to feel empowered and at home in our own skin. So let's do this!

Step 1: Notice your current state

Begin by taking note of your current stress level in both body and mind. Do your best to just notice and let go of any negative thoughts. 

Step 2: Choose for you

What would serve you most right now? Let your gut choose for you. No one else is here. Really honor what you want most at this time. Right now, do you want:

  • Music or Silence? 
    • If you chose music and have something in mind, go to it, if you do want music but do not know what type, close your eyes, trust you will be guided to the correct one, then open your eyes and pick at random (you can also allow your shuffle to choose for you). If you chose silence you can set a timer for 5 minutes if you like, or go as long as you desire.
  • Light or Dark?
    • Light can mean turning on a light in the room you are in or doing this meditation by a window. Dark can involve using an eye pillow or just turning off all the lights and being enclosed in comforting darkness.
  • Sitting or Lying Down?
    • Be comfortable and also utilize the space you have available to you.

Step 3: Breathe with intention

Once you have chosen your unique combination of sound, environment and posture, close your eyes and gently bring your attention to your breath. 

  • As you breathe in, hold the affirmation: "I do what is right for me."  
  • As you breathe out, hold the affirmation: "I have my own space."

Repeat until the thoughts blend in with the breath. If your mind wanders return to these affirmations.

Step 4: Come back and notice the shift

When the song is complete or your 5 minute timer rings - or when you feel ready if you'd like to enjoy this process for more time - wiggle your fingers and toes, breathe normally and gently open your eyes. 

What do you feel after just a few minutes of practice? 

That's it!

Feel free to journal or write in the comments as you reflect on this simple practice. How did it feel to make a few simple choices just for you? What happened? How did your state shift from beginning to end? 

If you enjoyed this free practice please share it. If you would like support around making this practice more of your daily experience, contact me to set up a private session specific to your needs.

Much love,