Healing From Anxiety: Grounding in the moment (Part 1 of 2)

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In today’s Ask Kelsey I speak about what to do when your fears, worries, and concerns take over. When you’re not just a little upset, but you are starting to spiral out of control. 

You may not even know why. You may just feel a sense of panic and be on high alert for anything that might bring you harm, real or imagined. 

From the politics in the United States to the #MeTooMovement to our own complicated personal lives, its easy for our old patterns of fear to take over. 

If you find yourself steeped in anxiety, do your best to love yourself in that state. 

Your state of panic is not a call for judgment and it is not a reason to beat yourself up. 

If you are humming with anxious energy, it is a call for more love. (Click to tweet.)

Watch the video to learn my top tips to find your grounding in the moment as well as find notes and additional resources below.


Environment Matters: Find A Safe Space. For some this may be stepping into a bathroom or closet if you’re at work, for others this might entail reaching out to a friend, loved one or healer. 

Breathe In Support: Essential Oils For On-The-Go Grounding. I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils. Click here for more information or to order through me. Other oils that help soothe and calm the nervous system: Vetiver, Lavender, Cedarwood, Stress Away, SARA, and many more. Email me at love@kelseyfoxbennett.com with questions. 

Express Creatively: Let It Out Through Free Writes & Ground With The Meditative Scribble. Sometimes we just need to let out all our feels. Free Writes are one of my favorites where you write as fast as you can without editing. The Meditative Scribble helps us focus our energy and calm our systems with intention. Keep your pen against the paper and move as slow as possible while breathing deeply. Bonus: You can also add a mantra like, “I am safe,” to the Meditative Scribble process if you like.

Calm Your System At Home: Weighted Blankets. I LOVE our weighted blanket. It’s awesome during stressful weeks or at the end of a long day to just bring me home - like all the way home. Click here to buy your own weighted blanket from Weighting Comforts.

Envision Spiritual Support: Call On Angels, God, Light, Love, Etc. Our thoughts are powerful. Just as worrisome thoughts make us feel tight and crazy, love-filled thoughts can help us release and relax. When the darkness looms, open yourself to the light by asking for help, calling it in, and seeing the help arrive. 

Additional Support:

The suggestions above are just a few of many for in-the-moment support. It’s important for you to find what’s right for you so here are some additional options and resources:



Thank you so much for being willing to heal and receive more love.

Part two in this series about long-term healing from anxiety is now live! Click here to watch.

So much love,