Healing From Anxiety: Creating lasting change (Part 2 of 2)


Healing from anxiety usually doesn’t happen overnight, but I know from my own healing journey that it is possible to create lasting change.

Whether you are experiencing intense anxiety or merely desire a life of more abundance and ease, the same practices apply.

It takes time, dedication, and ever-present self-love.

Healing comes in waves so be patient with yourself.

Ask for the support you need and apply what I share in today’s Ask Kelsey - and in the links below - to make the process easier.


Ask For Support. Reach out for one-on-one healing. Click here if you want to chat with me to see if we’re a good fit for private sessions.

Forgive Yourself. Click here to grab a free Forgiveness PDF. 

Maintain A Daily Self-Love Practice. Click here to watch my free Self-Care From Scratch Webinar.

Create Loving Boundaries. Click here to learn one of my energy clearing and protecting techniques. 

(Make sure you watch the video for additional insights around each of the above takeaways. xoxo)



If you missed Part 1 in this 2 part series, check it out now: Healing From Anxiety: Grounding in the Moment. 

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Otherwise, keep finding ways to give yourself more love. You are worthy.