Have neck and shoulder tension? Release it RIGHT NOW.

Whether you have been bent over your computer, driving in your car, or carrying objects, kids or good old fashioned stress, this simple Brain Gym® activity will only take one minute of your time and will help to ease the tension you are holding. 

This activity is also great for all you creatives or business folk who write, type or work with your hands on a regular basis.

Relaxed neck and shoulder muscles leads to improved fine motor skills, handwriting and communication across the board. So if you have a project you're working on and feel a little stressed or stuck, do this right before you start and notice the difference.

Let's get to it!


Today's Activity: Arm Activation

Begin by reaching one arm towards the ceiling. If it is a strain for you to have your arm directly up, angle it forward as needed. 

Place the opposite hand on the raised arm between the shoulder and elbow (or where it can comfortably reach - see visual to the right); gently push straight arm against the hand for 7-8 seconds while exhaling. 

Key word here is gentle. You do not want to strain either arm, but just gently activate the muscle as you breathe deeply.

This action is repeated in four directions: toward the head, away from the head, forward and backward. 

By gently engaging all four sides of your shoulder muscle, you release the tension you hold there.

Pause here before you do the other arm and notice the sensation in the arm you just activated. Can you feel a difference between the two arms? Reach both arms straight out in front of you and see what you notice.

Repeat with the other arm.

Let me know how it goes!

Tell me about your neck and shoulders and how you feel after this activity in the comments below. 

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