Give and Take


I have been home in Colorado for two weeks. For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in a small mountain community. My home town, Ridgway, CO, has a population of 924 people, has one stoplight and sits at 6,998 feet above sea level. My regular childhood hike was to Blue Lakes at 10,980 feet. When I come home to visit these days I spend time with my friend who eats all local meat, much caught in the wild by her or her husband - we're talking elk, home cured pig, their own chickens, etc. Or I go out to my other friend's organic farm, Early Bird Gardens (check out her blog here), and help her harvest or seed depending on the season. 

This tiny mountain town is where all that I'm passionate about began. Brain Gym®, the arts, nature, and a small community all led to a deep appreciation for getting in the dirt, being connected to both my body and to nature, becoming friends with people from all different walks of life and mostly getting along because there weren't enough people to maintain hatred, and having freedom in a way that's difficult to describe. Some of my fondest memories were walking to the park after dark, sitting on the swings and contemplating life or dancing in the middle of the street by my house in the snow after everyone else had fallen asleep with a thousand stars shining brightly and not a car or soul in sight.

My visit this round was even more special than usual because after a lifetime of learning from this place and the people here, I was able to give back. For the first time I was the teacher visiting from New York City. The funny part was, everything I had to share was born here. Little did I know my workshop co-taught with my very own mother would mirror this even more perfectly. Our workshop, Heart Opening: How to Expand Your Yoga Practice with Brain Gym and the Expressive Arts, was mostly a celebration of Unconditional Love, which is all about Give and Take.

Everywhere I went during my stay I saw this natural and essential Give and Take. I saw it with the land, with the animals, with the vegetables we harvested, the eggs we ate, and in my own giving back. All were examples of the natural cycle of give and take.

I truly believe that Give and Take is the foundation to Unconditional Love and it applies to all areas of life. Business partners, friendships, family, nature, etc. You name it, if Give and Take gets out of balance then neither party is fully satisfied or healthy.

So how do we get there?

The In Depth Brain Gym Affirmations for Unconditional Love tell you exactly what you need in order to be able to Give and Take openly. They are:

"I know who I am."
"I am filled with joy and gratitude, no matter what I do."
"I love myself."
"My best is good enough."

Breathe with that for a moment.

Is it easy for you to Give and Take? Is one easier than the other? How can you nourish yourself, thereby enabling Unconditional Love to thrive in your life? 

Let me know in the comments. 

Big love,