Freaking Out? 8 Easy Ways to Get Back in Your Body and Create a Life You Love

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Want to scream? Or maybe cry? Maybe it's just a bad day or maybe you are working through a bigger life change. Either way, freak out is keeping you from creating a life you love.

We all freak out. 

It may be because you're facing your fears or improving your relationships. Or... perhaps the tiniest thing tugged on your heartstrings and happened to connect to some severely deep wounds from the past - this was me just last weekend and numbers 3, 7 and 8 below brought me back!

No matter the reason, when we freak out it's because we're stuck in our head, disconnected from our body. 

One worry turns into another, turns into another, and all of a sudden you are so far gone you don't even remember what you were upset about in the first place; nor can you enjoy the people and activities in front of you. 

The good news is, there are so many ways to come back and by utilizing simple tools we can turn panic and overwhelm into the ability to move forward. 

(By the way, these can all be used for kids, too!!)

1. Move

I know you've heard this before, but it's so true. Any type of movement brings the focus back to your body, aids in releasing any stress you may have just accumulated getting yourself in a tizzy, and calms your entire system. So get up, go for a walk, wiggle, shake, dance, workout, you name it. If you start moving, so too will the energy inside you. 

2. connect to nature

Research shows that being in nature helps to release stress, calm both mind and body, as well as bring about a shift in perspective. Even more science is coming out now about the grounding that occurs when we touch our bare skin to the earth. I know that when I am next to a tree, watching the birds, putting my hands in the dirt, or even breathing in my essential oils which smell of nature, I feel centered and calm. 

3. Feel your skin

This may seem strange, but by tapping into your sensation of touch by moving your hand across your own arm or feeling the air, water or earth against your skin can interrupt a negative thought pattern, bring you back to your body, and connect you to the present moment. For some the touch of a person is comforting and for others something like a weighted blanket is exactly the sensation desired. 

4. Focus on your breath

When we put our attention on our breath, it deepens and slows. Your breath is your power. It can heal, calm, and energize your entire system. Sometimes counting or saying an affirmation while breathing can further help to slow the system and interrupt thought patterns.

5. Smell something nice

Essential oils, delicious food, fresh flowers, you name it. All these can calm the body and elicit a new, more desired feeling. I always carry a handful of oils with me for this very reason. Whether I need to calm, soothe, uplift, energize or simple ground, they help me get there in just a few deep breaths (note this helps us breathe deeper, too!). 

6. Hold a stone or crystal

Having a healing object that carries meaning for you can soothe and ground both body and mind. I personally like to wear stones, crystals or other meaningful tokens as my jewelry so that I can be reminded of love and support wherever I go. 

7. Create

Freak out is the perfect fuel for creativity. Whether you feel called to draw, write, sing, knit, paint, or build, it can become a vessel to hold and transform your worries and fears. Plus, any time we take action versus just stay in our head, more often than not the need to freak out disappears entirely. 

8. Say thank you

When you feel grateful you rewire your brain for ease, abundance and success. I like to thank my Angels not just for what I already have, but to also thank them for their support on my journey to where I desire to be. I say, "Thank you, Angels, for being with me now and for helping me return to love." I recommend using this incredibly simple and powerful tool as often as you are able. 

It's time to transform your freak out, get back in your body and return to the life you love. Each of these tools are simple and adaptable so test them out and find out what works best for you.

Did you gain a new tool or have your own secret weapon to come back from freak? Tell me in the comments below.

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