Feeling Fear? Clear it out right now with these simple healing tools


Around Halloween we can’t help but brush shoulders with fear.

Mostly we get to play, push our fear buttons in a safe and controlled way, maybe even embody something that used to cause us fear but now makes us feel powerful.

I personally have been chatting with spiders (which I used to be absolutely terrified of) and letting myself tolerate a little extra fear walking down my street looking at all the creepy and scary decor (which a few details really do bring up old fears)!

During Halloween we’re a bit more conscious of our fears, but on a day-to-day basis fear is pervasive and mostly unconscious.

We find ourselves angry, irritated, upset, in a funk and taking it out on our present circumstances - the train is late, that person is not doing what I want them to, no one is hiring me, etc. Our thoughts begin to spiral out of control. Blame, judgment, and shame take over. Additionally, our chest tightens, the back of our body tenses, we forget to breathe.

All of a sudden we’ve lost all access to our mental, emotional and even physical resources.

Yet any time we blame, judge or shame another we are really blaming, judging or shaming ourselves.

Whenever the voice of love is gone, the voice of fear has taken control. (Click to Tweet.)

And typically our fears have nothing to do with our present reality.

We are afraid that we made a mistake in the past and it’s still haunting us, we are afraid we might make a mistake and be judged as a result; we are afraid of the outcome of a situation; we are afraid we are going to lose something or someone or even ourselves; we are afraid that we are less than, not enough, and doomed to fail; and my most favorite, we are afraid of success and power because our sense of self-worth is skewed and/or we don’t know who we are without the fear.

Each of these fears is tied to the past or the future and actually keeps us from experiencing the potential of right now.

Right now someone you love might want to support you, right now you’re reading a blog and receiving love, right now you could be stepping towards that future or outcome you desire (pretty scary, right?!).

Take a deep breath.

If you’re feeling fear, it’s okay. We need to feel it, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay stuck in it. (Click to Tweet.)

Today’s activity helps to release the chest, start to cleanse the fear out of our body and return our system to the present.

Enjoy this simple healing tool paired with essential oils and use it as often as you like to help you and your kids clear our the fear!

As with all my tools, feel free to use the technique alone, the oils alone or use them together as I show here. You can also, of course, substitute another essential oil that you enjoy for feeling light, empowered and relaxed.

Quality matters! Ensure that you are using the highest quality essential oils that you can find. I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils since I was a tiny human and have witnessed firsthand how they support the system for health, vitality and wellness. Contact me to learn how to get started!

If you have questions, desire support or want to know more about Young Living, Brain Gym, or any of my other healing tools, contact me at love@kelseyfoxbennett.com today.

Have A Happy & Safe Halloween!

Big big love,


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