Feeling extra sensitive due to PMS hormone cycles? 3 tips to help!

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This topic is very near and dear to my heart as periods and period healing have been a HUGE part of my personal journey.

It is an honor to share a few tools that have transformed my ability to navigate those times when I am feeling super sensitive, especially when you still have to “be on” at work.

Remember that it’s okay to feel and the more you allow yourself to go through versus resist and hold back the feelings, the faster you’ll reach the other side. That may mean doing these activities before you head off to work, during your lunch break, or in five minutes that you close your door - or the bathroom door - to let yourself be the full glorious, beautiful and yes, tears flowing YOU. 

Watch the video for my 3 top tips in this situation or read them below.

1) I Feel Free Write

Go to a quiet space or just put your head down and write EVERYTHING you feel. I feel crazy, I feel sad, I feel upside down and topsy turvy - seriously everything and anything that comes to mind, just write it down. 

Once you’ve written for 3-5 minutes or can think of absolutely nothing else, then take a deep breath (you’ll likely feel lighter already) and assess the most prominent feelings. What jumps out as the deepest, underlying emotion that’s going on right now? Then come up with a simple action step to support this deep underlying feeling. For instance if you feel unsupported, then think of what would make you feel supported and do it - make the call, set the appointment, reach out, order nourishing food, you name it. 

2) Clear & Protect Your Energy With Color Visualization

First shake your body to clear low vibes. Then breathe deeply visualizing 3 colors to clear, protect and, if you like, send off loving vibes. Please adjust this to what feels most appropriate to you. The colors I use are: White, Blue and Pink. (Thank you, Shayna, for this technique!)

3) Be Mindful of What You Eat & Drink

Spikes in sensitivity and fluctuations in our hormones are connected to how we nourish our bodies. Certain foods, especially sugars, can influence how we feel. Consult a professional and experiment with your own body. Not sure where to start? I recommend WomanCode by Alisa Vitti and reaching out to holistic health coaches or acupuncturists. 

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