Face Judgment with Big Love


Ever have the feeling you are rocking out, so proud of yourself and what you are doing, confident and secure… and then you share with someone who doesn’t get it and all those feelings disappear?

I would imagine that all of our hands are going up.

Even the seemingly most confident people I’ve met still have moments of insecurity when being judged.

And yet, facing judgment is inevitable. In fact, if you are really standing in your truth, it is more likely you will be judged.

So then what?

How do you navigate the world, authentically being you and doing what you love, when you know you could be judged?

This is what today’s Ask Kelsey is all about.

Listen in to hear the specific struggle of a working mom who doesn’t relate to the hustle of entrepreneurs and feels judged no matter what world she’s in - and my tips, tools and resources to help.



#1: Celebrate yourself.

As I type this I have Erin Stutland’s voice in my head with the reminder: “When I celebrate myself, I raise my value!” Being the voice of love and support in our own heads is INCREDIBLY important when the voices around us are filled with judgment. So keep focusing on you, your healing and your success.

#2: Find a community that gets it.

With the internet these days there are so many amazing online courses, groups and communities to help you feel seen and understood. Having a community that you don’t have to defend yourself to - and will, rather, support you in your journey of discovery - is game-changing. I offer some suggestions around this for working moms and those who don’t relate to the hustle in the audio recording at minute 2:38.

#3: Remember where judgment comes from.

Often when we judge others it’s because we are jealous of them or are being triggered by their behavior, which is acting as a mirror to our own issues and past experiences. Remembering this can help us not take the judgments of others so personally. Yet if we are, that’s worth being curious about, too. What I talk about in the recording starting at minute 6:17 is that judgment, though tricky to navigate, can actually be a great teacher and lead to more love.

#4: Ask more than you speak.

At minute 9:31 in the recording I share a tip from Glennon Doyle to use while networking, but it can also apply to intimate relationships. The more we ask others questions, we not only discover if we are in alignment, but we also have the opportunity to make deeper and more authentic connections across the board.


Remember if you’re feeling judged, the person in front of you might be feeling judged, too.

Stay curious, support yourself, ask for more support if you need, and offer others the compassion and understanding that you seek.

Lots of love,


* People & Resources Mentioned *

- Erin Stutland

- Kate Northrup - Do Less Book & Origin Membership

- Glennon Doyle

- Abundant Living Online Course