Be You - Your Health Depends On It


These days there are hundreds of messages telling us how to be healthy. Eat this much of this type of food, work out this much and in this way, sleep this many hours. The same goes for business and, most especially, parenting.

It is great and often extremely vital and helpful to have as much information and education you can get your hands on. Yet with all of the information out there the bottom line, the yes or no, the final answer, is:

Does this work for you and your body?

That goes with everything!

A few questions to get you started:

  • On how many hours of sleep do you feel your best?
  • What types of food make your body thrive and which result in sluggishness, headaches, constipation? 
  • Which workouts serve you both in the moment and long term? 
  • What are your most productive working hours and what times do you struggle? 
  • When you interact with your kids, what feels best and is most effective?
  • Which activities boost your mood, focus and overall energy? 
  • What drains you? 

The more you know about your body, the more you can create a life that truly supports and inspires your success! 

Bottom line, the more you are true to yourself, the easier it becomes to be -and stay- healthy and happy. That's inspiration to your children, your partner, your friends, and anyone else you meet.

I would love to hear about you and your body! Tell me the most surprising answer from the questions above in the comments below.