A Simple Movement for Success and Ease in Multiple Environments


The body typically needs very little to release stress and create a proper foundation for unlimited potential. Today you will learn a very simple Brain Gym® movement that will help you no matter your age. 

Who It's For

  • Anyone with tired eyes, especially if you are jumping lines or switching letters
  • Adults working on the computer all day 
  • Sports players and others looking to increase coordination and visual capability
  • Kids learning to read and write
  • Babies

What It Does 

When done with the arms:

  • Coordinates the right and left sides of the brain and body
  • Helps both eyes work together and move easily across the page, room or landscape
  • Releases tension in the shoulders 

When done with the hips/legs:

  • Releases tension in the hips
  • Re-aligns the sacrum and low back
  • Allows gas and bowel movements to pass with greater ease*

*Great for babies!!

How To Do It

Classic Brain Gym Lazy 8s with the arms:

Either in the air or on a surface, draw an infinity sign by tracing a circle up and around to the left, then up and around to the right. Allow the eyes to follow the hand. Do each hand by itself and then both hands together. 

Variation with the legs/hips:

While standing, relax the knees and draw an infinity sign with your hips. Move the hips forward and around to the left, then again forward and around to the right. Relax and breathe. Keep knees bent. Movement does not need to be large, just even on both sides.  

Variation for babies:

While the baby is lying on their back, hold their legs by placing your hands underneath their thighs. Draw the infinity sign by moving their legs toward their head and around and down to the left, then up again toward their head and around to the right. Move slowly and keep their low back on the floor. Add a song if you like!

Have fun experimenting with this one and let me know how goes in the comments.