Too Many To-Do Lists? Infuse Your Life with Joy in Only 10 Minutes


Is your life filled with endless to-do lists and errands? Do you ever feel disconnected from your inner joy? 

It's true that as we get older there are more things to manage, greater responsibility, but I believe it doesn't always have to come at the cost of allowing yourself to have fun and be playful.

Sometimes new parents get to re-experience the joy of the little things as their little ones remind them on a daily basis, but most often it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day juggle of life rather than the enjoyment of it.

So I have a new assignment for you. Something that will ignite your creativity and help you tap into your childlike joy.

The assignment: Take a walk with your inner child.

This may sound strange, but what if you were to let little you come out and play? What would you discover, how would you feel? 

My guess is the world would look quite a bit different through your inner child's eyes and that in only 10 minutes you could learn a lot from their perspective.

How to take your inner child on a walk:

  • Set aside 10 minutes or more.
  • Open your door and step outside. 
  • Once there, take a deep breath and look all around you. See the sky, the buildings, the trees, etc. 
  • Turn in a direction and begin to stroll. 
  • Imagine you are walking with little you leading the way. What would little you be excited to see? Grass, flowers, interesting people, yummy food? Would you stand, walk, sit, laugh, play in a puddle, run down the street? 
  • For these 10 minutes you have no where else to be, nothing else to do, except explore the world with your inner child guiding you. Do your best and see what happens. 

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