Replace worry with joy as you help your child learn with greater ease and grow into their best self.



Help your kids... 

  • Feel safe & at home in their bodies.
  • Learn & develop with more ease.
  • Create stronger, healthier brain-body connection.
  • Create a healthy foundation for brain-body coordination.
  • Connect more deeply with peers & family members.
  • Heal from childhood & birth trauma.
  • Experience greater ease in school, home, and playtime.
Please Note : I take on limited number of child clients & travel for in-home sessions (currently in Queens and the West Village only).
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In less than 5 minutes these 4 techniques will help both you and your kids be more Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic!

I personally used these four simple techniques before and during every test, sports game and presentation during my schooling. These four simple techniques are an integral part of my daily routine. They prepare each participant for greater ease and success.


“I love to watch the joy in you and the children when you teach! You bring out the best in them and I so appreciate your gifts. Through playful movement, singing and positive reinforcement, children explore what they can do with their bodies in ways they never thought possible and find new modes of self-expression. The kindness and warmth in your teaching creates an open and inviting environment."

— Esther Kim

Mom and Lead Twos Teacher, NYC



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Having simple and effective tools to make learning easier for your kids, makes life easier for you.The more that they feel empowered and capable, the less of a struggle the day-to-day becomes.

Whether it’s ensuring healthy physical and mental development; providing techniques to navigate strong emotions; or making school and academia feel manageable and even fun; your child deserves to have tools to thrive.

Additionally, one of the most beautiful gifts of working with me is that you don’t just gain tools for your child’s success, but you also gain tools to support your health and well being.

What I’ve learned from working with families over the past decade is that when mom and dad are thriving and at ease, the kids’ lives transform in turn.