My clients and I were fully embraced, nourished and supported by Kelsey’s amazing teaching. When I hired Kelsey to lead our workshop on Managing Anxiety through Transitions, I knew I was getting an expert. But I was even more profoundly impressed by Kelsey’s warmth, her patient teaching, and her lovely, calming presence that guided my clients and myself through the exercises. She really is a hands-on teacher who knows how to support her people!
— Marie Levey-Pabst, Founder of Create Balance & Mom of Two, Boston, MA
Kelsey approaches her work with her full presence and compassionate sensitivity as a healer. Her gentle playfulness guides you through a discovery and awareness of your body’s subtle messages. You take away simple practices and intentions to support growing into your best self.
— Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed., Educator, Community Artist & Researcher, Boston, MA
My beautiful daughter came into this world through serious trauma. Once we finally made it home after weeks of staying in the hospital/NICU we were thankful to be alive. Months later I was able to work with Kelsey. I personally found her approach to be the only way for both my daughter and I to heal. I absolutely recommend this unique healing process for anyone. As a registered nurse, I knew body movement could have very powerful effects on your mental health, such as curing depression or lessening dementia symptoms, but that’s where the mind body connection in traditional medicine usually stops. Brain gym goes further, and more precisely affects specific parts of your mind by movements in the body, balancing throughout.
— Brennan Brands, Registered Nurse & Mom of Two, Parker, CO
Our phone conversation was beyond amazing. I was feeling horribly mad, sad, frustrated, emotional and so overwhelmed beforehand. Afterwards, I was very calm and so relaxed. It warmed my heart and eased my feelings in a way that takes my breath away. I loved the breathing excersie and the prayer. I love the way it felt like you were literally in the room holding me.
— Dezarae Birely, Mom of Five, Altus, OK
Kelsey is vivacious in the classroom, bringing energy and joy with her for her work with my students weekly. She strives for quality and caring in her instruction, helping young children to lay the foundations of strong physical potential. Creating a rich learning environment disguised as wild fun, I highly recommend Kelsey’s approach to developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum in movement activities and beyond. She is clever, capable, a pleasure to work with, and an absolute doll.
— Chelsea Price, M.A., M.Ed., Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Teacher at Barrow Street Nursery School, NYC
Kelsey’s classes and workshops are wonderful and transforming because of one main ingredient: Kelsey. Her passion, dedication, and care for her students make her unlike any other teacher I know. She brings great sensitivity to each moment, and encourages us to do the same. Kelsey draws out creativity and shares her knowledge in a way that empowers. Thank you for being in my life, Kelsey!
— Renee Browne, Music Teacher, Musician & Performer, Patterson, NY
In the beginning of the balance I couldn’t even get through saying my goal aloud without crying. Kelsey made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She’s an excellent leader and a patient, articulate teacher. By the end I felt a renewed sense of wellness, focus, openness, and balance! I’m looking forward to more balances, working with Kelsey again and adding more tools to my toolbox!
— Ashley Nease, Actress & Writer, NYC
Thank you so much darling for the beautiful workshop, it was beautiful, informative and professional. Thank you for making our lives better. I truly appreciate it.
— Estefania M. Dillon, Photographer & Researcher, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Kelsey literally lights up any room she walks into. Her energy is positively contagious. She has inspired me to take a hard look at how I manage stress in my life. Through her coaching and creative techniques she has enabled me to become a much more balanced and happy person, a more patient and loving mother and a more successful and confident professional. I am also very grateful to her as she has continued to help my 13 year old daughter overcome severe anxiety. I have joyfully recommended Kelsey to numerous friends & clients. We have collaborated on workplace & community wellness events & I look forward to working with her in the future.
— MaryAnn Jones, Founder of Thrive Naturally & Mom of Two, Port Washington, NY
The most valuable thing I got from the workshop was remembering my creativity. The workshop allowed us to explore a way of expressing ourselves and also a way to teach our children how to express themselves that we might not otherwise had thought of.
— Kate Smith, Mom, Ogunquit, ME
I first learned about basic brain gym activities like cross-crawls and brain buttons when I met Kelsey about 10 years ago. Later, as I studied for my doctor of physical therapy degree, it became clear to me, why the movements work. It’s all about brain chemistry! As a pediatric physical therapist, I use concepts like reaching across the body’s midline and tapping into certain muscle groups known to have a calming effect on the body and certain muscle groups that excite the body. One child I work with had trouble lifting his legs off the ground when I met him as an infant. His mom took my advice to assist him in completing an activity similar to the Brain Gym cross-crawls with him daily. Now, not only can he reach both feet at the same time while playing on his back, but he is walking along furniture and standing with only one hand supporting him on a wall - skills that are above his age level!
— Jennifer Keller, Pediatric Physical Therapist & Mom, Denver, CO
I would highly recommend this course to almost everyone I know!! Especially for artists and other creatives, I think this could help people break out of any old shells and see the world differently. Overall, it was just a treat to be able to create a little art each day like a kid again - no expectations, no judgment, just pure creativity. It’s a wonderful course for anyone who wants to live a fuller life.
— Jen Kwok, Comedian, Actress, Writer & Musician, NYC
Jen Kwok head shot.png
Kelsey is one of the most talented professionals I know. The excitement and energy she brings to her work shines through in everything she does. Whether it’s working with adults, children or babies, Kelsey offers a wealth of solutions to help people live happier, healthier lives. I am very grateful for Kelsey Fox Bennett and her work!
— Lorraine Miller, Gratitude Expert, Author, Speaker & Mom, Port Washington, NY
Kelsey offers a heartfelt blend of healing, education and awareness. She creates an environment and presence of acceptance and safety necessary for deep exploration, discovery and meaningful change. The calm, courageous, compassionate confidence she exudes allows what is to be felt, understood and practiced.
— Patty K. Bennett, Yoga Teacher, Mediator, Mom & Grandma, Ridgway, CO
I love to watch the joy in you and the children when you teach! You bring out the best in them and I so appreciate your gifts. Through playful movement, singing and positive reinforcement, children explore what they can do with their bodies in ways they never thought possible and find new modes of self-expression. The kindness and warmth in your teaching creates an open and inviting environment.
— Esther Kim, Mom and Lead Twos Teacher at Barrow Street Nursery School, NYC
One of the things I love about all the business networking I do is that I get to meet people like Kelsey! Using a combination of Brain Gym, essential oils, and the Expressive Arts, she transformed her own life and now supports parents and children to do the same. Her latest offering, More Than Mom, is a terrific online course that honors and supports moms. I wish this had been around when my kids were young!
— Deborah Roth, Coach, Interfaith Minister, Author, Founder of Spirited Living & Mom
Kelsey has a special talent for keeping both the children and their caretakers engaged while learning. She is able to recognize and address each child’s unique needs and strengths while still managing large groups, a technique that instills confidence in the children participating in her programs. Kelsey has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, and is widely respected and loved in our community. She is reliable, organized, creative and approaches each task with a very positive attitude. I recommend Kelsey without reservation.
— Terry Cronin, Mom of Two, Port Washington, NY