For babies, toddlers and kids I create a safe and supportive environment to better understand and support how they learn as well as offer fun, play-based tools to help them:

  • Heal from birth trauma, early childhood illness, death of a loved one or divorce.
  • Feel safe and at home in their bodies.
  • Learn and develop with greater ease.
  • Express and process their emotions. 
  • Establish healthy physical and emotional boundaries.
  • Lay a healthy foundation in brain and body for connection and coordination.
  • Connect with peers and family members. 

Transform the struggles, challenges and fears to ease, possibility and trust.

For parents I provide concrete tools and techniques to help you:

  • Heal from birth trauma, miscarriage or other trauma.
  • Stay calm and collected when chaos ensues - because you know it will! -and navigate tantrums with greater ease and joy. 
  • Feel confident in your parenting choices. 
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Reduce stress and restore your energy supply as you support your kids and other family members.
  • Break old habits or patterns.
  • Heal your kids' physical and emotional traumas naturally and help them succeed and be their best.

Whether you are healing, feeling isolated or overwhelmed, or just looking for insight and support for you and your kids to navigate life with greater ease, I'd be honored to give you love. Call, email or click here now to schedule a free 30-minute chat. 

For highly sensitives, empaths and intuitives we'll notice where you'd like to experience greater ease, turn these into empowered intentions / goals and then reduce stress in both brain and body so your goal becomes your embodied reality. I'll help you:

  • Feel safe.
  • Fill yourself up so you can achieve what you desire with greater ease.
  • Own your voice and power.
  • Tune into and supercharge your intuitive abilities.
  • Set boundaries and protect your energy.
  • Navigate overwhelm, public speaking and being in groups.
  • Feel supported, seen and held so you can continue to spread love to your family, students and/or clients.

Empower yourself and the people you love with the education, awareness and tools so you can heal, transform and thrive! 

"Our phone conversation was beyond amazing. I was feeling horribly mad, sad, frustrated, emotional and so overwhelmed beforehand. Afterwards, I was very calm and so relaxed. It warmed my heart and eased my feelings in a way that takes my breath away. I loved the breathing exercise and the prayer. I love the way it felt like you were literally in the room holding me."   - Dezarae Birely, Mom of Five

"As a new mother, I often found myself isolated and overwhelmed. Kelsey’s over the phone support was instrumental in my confidence, healing, and well-being at the time. Her practical activities and insight was right to the point and incredibly helpful. Instead of feeling even more overwhelmed, as reaching for help when you especially need it can be, I immediately felt relief and comfort without even leaving home!"   -Brennan Brands, Registered Nurse and Mom of Two

“Kelsey literally lights up any room she walks into. Her energy is positively contagious. Through her coaching and creative techniques she has enabled me to become a much more balanced and happy person, a more patient and loving mother and a more successful and confident professional. I am also very grateful to her as she has continued to help my 13 year old daughter overcome severe anxiety. I have joyfully recommended Kelsey to numerous friends & clients.”   -MaryAnn Jones, Founder of Thrive Naturally & Mom of Two