"I am Safe" Child Abuse Prevention Workshop

How-To Videos:

Meridian Massage and Prayer for clearing negativity and protecting energy. Use your own Visualization for added support.

Hook-Ups for returning to calm in brain and body. Can be paired with Positive Points on the forehead between hairline and eyes. 

PACE EBook and Additional Activities:

PACE activities as a warmup or used individually as healing tools:

Spinal Walking supports safety, relaxation and integration of the spinal reflexes:

  • Begin at the low back and use fingers or hands to walk up the muscles to the left and right of the spine.
  • Walk to the base of the skull, then walk fingers over the top of the shoulders and down the back of the arms to the elbow.
  • Firmly slide hands from the sides of the ribs under the armpits back down to the base of the spine.
  • Repeat entire process at least 3 times. 

Think of An X Visualization helps with inner stability and brain / body integration:

  • Imagine an X inside the core of your body.
  • Imagine what colors, textures or objects it's made of and breathe deeply.

Questions? Reach out anytime: love@kelseyfoxbennett.com. 

Bonus How-To Videos:

Movement Reeducation on the Feet for grounding, relaxation and healthy communication. Can be done with or without essential oils.

Navel Radiation for reestablishing safe boundaries. Can be done on the back of the body or with a beanbag or pillow on belly button.


Additional Resources and Support:

You can find more information about all my healing tools - as well as links to learn more about Brain Gym and Movement Based Learning - here.

I'm here if you need support. Email is the best way to connect and then we can set up a call from there: love@kelseyfoxbennett.com.

And if you're interested in essential oils, let me know and I'll hook you up!

Stay in touch and keep healing. The world needs you. xo