I support highly sensitives, parents and kids as they heal from trauma, own their power and create their most abundant and successful life.

My life began on rocky ground. My father fell in love with another woman and my mother learned of this truth two days before I entered the world. Nine days after my birth, my dad moved out and the divorce began.

Then at 5 and a half months old I came down with bacterial spinal meningitis, a serious and potentially deadly disease that causes inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. 

It didn't end there. On the way to the hospital I went into septic shock. The bacteria had gotten into my bloodstream, my blood pressure dropped and all my organs started to fail.

After 4 terrifying days in intensive care, the doctors claimed that I would live. They kept me an additional 10 days and feared for my quality of life. “Hearing loss and learning challenges are likely,” they told my parents.


My mom, a yoga teacher herself, was fierce in her efforts to provide holistic healing tools to help me. My parents and their friends exposed me to various circles and worlds of healing. Those tools turned out to be my saving grace.

Not only did I heal deeply from my early childhood traumas, later, when I faced witnessing a friend die at age 9 and remembering sexual abuse trauma at age 19, the healing tools I had gained helped me not only continue to heal, but to thrive well beyond expectation.

Now, as a highly sensitive entrepreneur living and working in NYC, I utilize my extensive healing toolbox to stay centered on a daily basis and offer these tools to all my clients and students to reduce stress, boost health and improve connections so they can live their best life. 

Why I'm different:

  • Doctors said I would have learning challenges…I was valedictorian.
  • My parents divorced...and unlike many of my peers, I had the tools to repair emotionally and mentally.
  • At 9 years old I watched my friend die right in front of me…yet because of my healing tools this experience was the least traumatic of my entire life.
  • At 19 I remembered a sexual abuse trauma that occurred when I was 5...and I not only healed during college, but graduated with honors.
  • I'm a highly sensitive entrepreneur living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world...and continue to accomplish all that I desire with ease.

Because of my experience:

  • I know firsthand how it feels to experience and recover from trauma.
  • I am able to support both kids and adults in making positive changes.
  • I approach healing from a whole self perspective.
  • I have an arsenal of simple and effective tools to help you thrive.
  • And I'm living proof that being highly sensitive does not have to stop you from living an abundant and engaging life.
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I currently live in New York City and work with women, children and families - in person, over the phone and online. I speak and teach internationally.

Education and experience:

I am the first Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant in the United States to have experienced it since infancy. I have a Masters of Education in Arts, Community and Education from Lesley University; a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing and Dance from the University of Colorado at Boulder; and am also a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor.

Additionally, I've studied Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute of Integral StudiesBlomberg Rhythmic Movement with Carol Ann Erickson; Angels with Kyle Gray and Strala Yoga with Tara Stiles.

I have been blessed to work and teach across the globe. I co-created the West Africa Project and taught at schools in Liberia and Ghana. I have also worked and presented across the United States, in Sweden and in Germany. 

I have written for the following organizations:


Some of the schools, conferences, studios and organizations where I have taught: