I’ve developed an integrated approach to healing that actually works.

All of the tools I share have been part of my own transformation and my goal is to empower you with their incredible healing abilities. 

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Brain Gym and Movement Based Learning (MBL) simply and effectively help you discover ease where you once met resistance and success where you once felt stuck. 

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, CA, developed by Paul and Gail Dennison. Physical therapy, yoga, acupressure, the Chinese meridian system, and the arts are all woven into this unique practice.

MBL is recognized as Brain Gym for Special Needs created by Cecelia Koester. These activities serve as a precursor and partner to Brain Gym, reorganizing the body and brain around a solid foundation before any higher learning can take place.

Both of these practices help all ages and abilities feel safe and integrated and are extraordinarily supportive when healing from trauma. I know from personal experience. Witnessing a friend get hit by a car and die in front of me at age nine ended up being one of the least traumatic events of my life because I was immediately able to reconnect and rewire through Brain Gym rather than disconnect and shutdown. I have also witnessed the incredible power of these tools in clients recovering from miscarriage or a traumatic birth.

I am extraordinarily blessed to have these practices as part of my healing toolbox and I know they can serve you as well.

The Expressive Arts and Play are integral to my work. 

When you reawaken your creativity, you connect to an innate and powerful part of yourself. Your ability to experience love and joy increase; you feel nourished inside and out; and insurmountable challenges become manageable and fun.

As a little girl and in various stages of my healing journey, creativity was my saving grace. Writing, dance, singing, visual art - they all let me process my emotions, create safety and literally rewrite my story. 

Essential Oils and Nature are powerful healing tools that the whole family can use to for physical, mental or emotional support.

I grew up with Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils and am proud to now be a Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor. Essential oils are part of my own daily toolbox and I share their benefits in private sessions, workshops and overall family health and wellness education.

Essential Oils are one way for me to stay in tune with Mother Nature. Being outdoors, communing with trees, flowers and animals is healing in and of itself. I encourage my clients to connect in ways they can with the spirit of nature because it reminds us of the natural flow of life, helps us breathe deeper, boosts our immunity, grounds and revitalizes us. 

Meditation and Prayer aide in the alignment of mind, body and spirit just as much as movement, creativity and nature. 

The practices I share are nonjudgmental, open and accepting. I encourage each person to connect to their own version of the divine. To me, God, Angels, Goddesses, and other Spirits and Beings of Light are merely reminders of the light and unconditional love that dwells within our own hearts. 

Connecting with these beings helps to reorganize our daily experience to that of surrender, peace and pure love. Our thoughts and beliefs also create our version of reality, so I choose to live in a world where these beings are all around, loving, supporting and guiding us to be our best selves in the world. The love in me greets the love in you. 

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