The Expressive Arts and Play are integral to my work. 

When you reawaken your creativity, you connect to an innate and powerful part of yourself. 

Your ability to experience love and joy increase; you feel nourished inside and out; and insurmountable challenges become manageable and fun.

As a little girl and in various stages of my healing journey, creativity has been my saving grace.

Writing, dance, singing, visual art - they all let me process my emotions, create safety and literally rewrite my story. 

I now offer these healing tools to my clients. For kids, specifically, I find that play is how they learn, feel safe, gain confidence, heal from trauma and transform struggles. 

When we play there are no separations - age, experience, race and sexual orientation all fall to the wayside. Connection to each other and to ourselves - along with laughter, joy and contentment - becomes the new normal.

If you enjoy the expressive arts, you'll love my Creative Renewal Recorded Workshop Series!

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