Want a relaxed & healthy holiday? Let go of the past, support your digestion & return to flow with this simple healing tool


Is it just me or does there seem to be a conspiracy against a relaxed and healthy holiday?

First, there are all these expectations about gift giving and sharing love.

If you manage to prepare early and be conscious about what you share, then comes the travel.

You either join a sea of other humans in a small confined space for hours, sleep on a bed that isn’t yours and are in a totally new climate or altitude; or you host people that aren’t usually in your home, clean for days and prep to make sure they have everything they need.

If you’re able to travel with joy and ease or are totally relaxed about hosting, next is the food.

There are so many food traditions that aren’t what you eat on a day-to-day basis and are packed with sugar, carbs or fat - and not the friendly kind. 

If you have a strong will and cook up some great alternative recipes, THEN it’s a matter of attempting to do all of the above while still feeling relaxed, present and joyful in each moment.

No pressure!

I’m realizing more and more that there is so much to let go of each moment to actually stay present and at ease, especially during the holidays.

Expectations, sadness, old patterns, comparison, control - we dance with these every moment of every day, but they do seem to be heightened this time of year.

I’ve always been intentional about the holidays and as I grow older my desire to ‘improve’ my holiday experience continues to rise.

This season I’m really focused on being very conscious about how I spend my money, staying in tune with what’s best for my body and well being, eating well, meditating, working out, speaking my truth and engaging authentically with those around me.

But the big goal really has become, how do I do all of the above and also let go from moment to moment and stay present and relaxed?

Thankfully, I have some awesome tools to help!

Today’s activity helps us let go both physically and mentally so we can release what isn’t serving us and return to a state of ease and flow.

It’s also very supportive of the digestion system, especially when paired with my friend, DiGize, Young Living’s digestive essential oil blend.

As usual, you can enjoy the support of the movement or any of the essential oil recommendations on their own, or combine them for extra love and support.

I hope this serves you greatly! Let me know how it helps in the comments below. 

May you have a relaxed and healthy holiday - despite the conspiracy! ;)

Big love,


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