More Than Enough: A Practice In Abundance


When I was home this summer in Colorado I came across a clip of Oprah and Deepak Chopra discussing abundance. 

Deepak spoke of seeing abundance everywhere: the air is abundant, our breath is abundant, when it rains there is an abundance of water, and even when you go to the store there is an abundance of things. Rather than being upset about what you don't have, be grateful for the abundance around you and see it as a reflection of you. 

I had heard versions of this message before, but something in the way he described seeing abundance everywhere really hit home. Since then I have not only seen abundance, but have felt it, too!

Whenever I came across people, places or things that before might have induced the thought, "Oh, I wish I had that," I instead got excited! Everything I saw was a reflection of me! I breathed it all in and was grateful for taking part, even if I didn't actually own any of these things or spend any money, I felt expansive because I was so blessed to be in proximity of such incredible abundance.

The more I've practiced this, the more incredible gifts I've received! Experiences, trips, connections, love, support. It's all there and always has been, but I'm actually feeling it, seeing it, and receiving it. 

As I've begun to really welcome abundance in my life the rewiring and practice has been twofold: 1) Seeing abundance outside of myself and 2) recognizing my inner abundance.

In other words, knowing on a cellular level that:

There is more than enough - air, space, time, money, love, opportunity. (Click to Tweet)


I am more than enough - what I share has value and who I am is divine. (Click to Tweet)

Yesterday I integrated these mantras into my meditation. The result was one of the most abundant days yet! 

A meditation to welcome abundance

So if you're ready to welcome more abundance in your life, here's a meditation to open your heart, body and mind to knowing you have all that you need and more inside and out:

1. Prepare: Sit comfortably. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your thigh or knee palm up and open. 

2. Settle In: Breathe deeply, feeling your belly, ribs and chest rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Continue breathing deeply for about 10 breaths, relaxing and connecting to your body.

3. Breathe With Intention: Begin to weave the mantras into your breath cycle. Inhale: I am more than enough. Exhale: There is more than enough. Breath in, knowing you have all that you need within you. Breathe out, letting everything go. There is no need to hold on because there is always more than enough. Continue for a few minutes or until you feel complete.

4. Final Release: Before you open your eyes, take three big deep breaths and on each say internally or aloud:

I let go and step into the flow. (Click to Tweet)

Your abundance

I would love to hear from you! How did it feel to breathe with the mantras? What did you notice? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email. 

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Much love,