A Reminder For Mom & The Mom In Us All

Today I wanted to share the story of an amazing mom who had been supporting her two sons, one in particular because of his needs, and when she came for a session, she received something unexpected that made all the difference. 

This mother came to me because she was concerned about her older son. He was 9 years old and struggling in school. His challenges included focus and attention, acting out, and sleep trouble. She was looking for additional ways to support him because although he was improving, she felt overwhelmed and anxious about managing his behavior issues.

We worked on setting a goal, which she stated as: “I am calm.”

I remember the look on her face when she stated the goal out loud: she didn’t believe it one bit! Her body was tense and tight and it felt as if she had her guard up and no one was going to get past her walls, not even me.

We moved through the restorative activities including PACE - four activities from Brain Gym that help parents and kids alike feel positive, active, clear and energetic (download a free Learning with PACE EBook here)- and a Movement Based Learning technique called Movement Reeducation on the Feet.

Even with these activities, her walls didn’t budge. In fact, they might have been even stronger.

Then, the last restorative activity of the session was the Unconditional Love Integrated Movement, a very simple movement practice that activates the heart chakra and helps us to give and receive love (the how-to is below).

We sat facing one another and she began to cry.

She immediately began to apologize, ”I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“For what? This is why I’m here!”

It took her a moment to collect herself. We talked about what the exercise had triggered for her.

Giving and receiving unconditional love with me in that moment had made her realize that by pouring so much love to her son, she had forgotten to love herself.

We returned to her goal and she said, “I am calm. I didn’t believe it until I received Unconditional Love!”

So on this Mother's Day, and every other day, remember to love yourself.

You are a mom and you are amazing!!

You are also a woman, a daughter, and a friend.

Allow yourself to receive love as much as you give it - and if need be, give it to yourself!


  1. Sit across from someone you love - or in front of a mirror to connect with yourself! - on the floor with the bottoms of your feet together about a foot in front of your hips, knees relaxed towards the floor (a relaxed butterfly position). 

  2. Bring one hand to your heart and the other outstretched to the person across from you.

  3. Switch hands back and forth with a deep HA sound. The movement will feel like you are giving and receiving heart to heart. The purpose of the sound is to activate the sensation of belly laughter (often this activity turns into laughter on its own!). 

  4. End when you feel complete - or when you're laughing so hard you can't continue! 

Please Note: As you might have gathered from the story above, as much as this practice brings laughter it can also bring tears. Be gentle with yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments below. 

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Big love,