The Importance of Being a Novice & If You Have to Learn, Might as Well Make it Easy

Last month I took Kate Northrup's Money Love Challenge to help reinvigorate my financial growth into 2015. 

Almost exactly a year prior, I read her book, Money: A Love Story, and felt like a financial revolution took place in my heart. I realized how much baggage I was unconsciously carrying around my finances and it helped me create a solid foundation from which to grow. 

During the Money Love Challenge last month some of the activities were the exact same ones from her book that I had done a year before. There was a part of me that said, "I've already done this," with the implication that I didn't need to do it again. Yet I decided to follow through with the challenge and see what happened. 

It was amazing!

I was blown away by how my answers to the same questions were totally different one year later. There was more to discover, new areas within myself to unearth and the whole experience deepened my money love affair. 

The entire process was an incredible reminder to approach every situation as a novice. Because even if you've done it before, there's always more to learn. (Click to Tweet.)

Help Make Learning Easy

As you learn, I highly recommend four techniques in Brain Gym called PACE that simply and effectively help you be more Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic. 

I have shared PACE with many of you, but if you would like a refresher to deepen your experience or this is the first time you're hearing about it then:

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Happy Learning.

Much love,