Is Your Body Retaliating? A Simple Way To Stay Healthy

When we don’t slow down and listen to our bodies, they tend to retaliate.

I have always been a fast eater. I could - and would - literally inhale my food. Or I would eat while doing something else and suddenly feel past full.

Last week my stomach fought back.

In addition to eating quickly and not listening to messages of full, uncomfortable, or unhappy, I also hadn’t been drinking enough water - one of nature’s best remedies!

The combination led to me sick in bed for days.

Listening to our bodies takes practice and patience. (Click to Tweet)

As I’ve been rebuilding my stomach I have had to consciously and consistently breathe and listen.

Does this agree with my body? Am I full? Do I need more water?

Listening to our bodies makes the difference between getting by and thriving. (Click to Tweet)

What is your body saying?

Often we feel like we don’t have time to stop and listen, but one minute checking in with your body is much more manageable than days feeling ill.

Here’s a simple practice to help you tune in and listen:

  1. Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths.
  2. Ask your body, How can I best serve you?
  3. Breathe slow and deep until the answer arises.
  4. Take action.

I’ve bolded step 4 because follow-through is huge. Right before I got sick there were multiple times I thought, I need to drink more water, I'm not feeling so well, and then didn’t do anything about it. I heard my body’s request, but chose to ignore it.

Sometimes it has to get real bad before you take action, but this is my prayer for you to avoid that misstep!

For Kids

Talking to kids about what their body needs or what feels good in their bodies is incredibly valuable. The more they tune in, the easier things like potty training, staying healthy and even navigating feelings can become.

You can do the same activity above with your kids and ask questions like, "What does your body need right now? What would make your body feel healthy, happy, good, better, the best?" 

They may come up with awesome answers if you give them a chance!

Things like, "Hmmm... my body needs to dance." Or "A hug!" Both of which are wonderful ways to keep a body healthy and happy.

They may, of course, request something that isn't that healthy, but even that is a wonderful conversation starter for how various foods or activities make our body feel. 

Bonus tip: If nothing else, hydrate

Water cleanses, nourishes and energizes us. It makes our skin glow, regulates our bowel movements, gives our brain energy and helps us sleep!

For the ladies: I love this simple fashion-friendly tip to help drink water throughout the day from my friend and Founder of Thrive Naturally, MaryAnn Jones:

  1. Wear 8 bangles on one wrist in the morning.
  2. Throughout the day, every time you drink a glass of water, move one bangle to the opposite wrist.
  3. Keep going until all the bangles are on the other wrist.

Responses, questions, love?

As always, I love to hear from you! How are you going to serve your body today? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email. 

Big love,


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