The Blessing of Going the Wrong Direction

Sometimes it’s easy to go with the flow and trust that when our plans get set aside or pushed back or changed, that it’s all for the best. But sometimes it just feels wrong.

Take heart, my friend, you’re not alone!

And I’m here to tell you that there is light around the corner, and most likely magic.

Keep going.

What feels wrong to you may be the universe conspiring on your behalf. If you lean into it you are going to be delighted, surprised and blown away by what comes next. (Click to tweet.)

This happened to me just a few months ago. My boyfriend and I were traveling in Iceland and there was a point along the trip when I knew that we were going the wrong direction, but that wrong path turned into an exquisite blessing.

In Iceland there is a tourist route called the Golden Circle. It’s a good way to visit a lot of the popular landmarks. We did our research and got advice from friends and picked out a small handful of sites to visit that were sort of along the circle, but were more like a fork.

Now, this is 2016 so we weren’t traveling with a map - or with our phones because we didn’t pay for an international card - but with our rental car’s GPS.

No issues. Until one of the destinations we wanted to visit wasn’t coming up.

We stopped at a gas station for WIFI, they didn’t have any, but the kid at the checkout counter told me how to spell our intended destination and told me what town it was in - Rejkholt. Now, I could have just listened to him, but the GPS still wasn’t working properly so we went next door to a restaurant with WIFI and I attempted to map the destination from their website. It said Selfoss in very clear letters. So I went against what the young man had said and we plugged in Selfoss to the GPS, which came up easily.


Except as we headed towards Selfoss, I could feel it was wrong. The further we traveled in that direction, the more signs we passed that confirmed to me we weren't going the right way.

I knew we had planned out a fork and we had just passed part of the circle that would connect us back to where we were earlier - very un-fork-like.

Every cell in my body was saying, this is wrong! But I knew logically we couldn’t look anything up online again until we made it to a stop in Selfoss. In Iceland, there isn’t much in between the towns. Lots of open space. Lots of Icelandic horses. (It’s amazing, you should definitely go visit!)

We finally reached Selfoss, looked it up and confirmed that we were incorrect. We bought a real map at this point - which was so much more fun! We then turned back the way we had come into Selfoss, towards Rejkholt.

Now, all this and halfway in the “wrong” direction we had passed Kerid Crater.

This tourist destination was something we had looked up on google and after seeing photos my response to it was, Huh. Whatever. Don’t need to see that.

But because of our detour, we were there, so we thought, Why not?

Now, from the photos it seemed you just would look down at the water from the top of the crater and that would be all. Done and done.

It was so much better than that!!

You can walk entirely around the top crest of the crater, and walk down the red dirt path to the edge of the water where they have conveniently placed a bench.

Additionally, we learned that Kerid Crater is a volcanic crater that wasn’t formed like most volcanic craters from an explosion, but rather by a magma chamber being emptied, resulting in a collapse. As a result, the water in the crater does not drain, but rises and falls according to changes in the water table.

In other words, it’s like a window to the underground. 

It was SO COOL! It turned out to be my favorite landmark from the entire trip.

And if I had stuck to my plan or gone in the ‘right’ direction, I would have never seen it.

At the beginning of our trip I asked the angels and elves to show us magic and if anything didn’t go as planned, for it to be because something better was in store.

They kept their word. And I am grateful.

So when it feels like you’re headed in the wrong direction, take a deep breath, step back on the path you intended and trust that the detour was to show you something you needed.

A reminder of surrender, of trust, of divine timing and flow. A reminder of magic, of letting go.

Even if you feel like something is wrong, you’re right where you need to be. (Click to tweet.)

Big love,


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